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Monday, April 23, 2018

Floyd Mayweather hurt his right hand in win over Robert Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather right hand

Floyd Mayweather Jr. cruised to victory over Robert Guerrero on Saturday night at the MGM in Las Vegas, winning the fight by unanimous decision. All three judges had it 117-111 in favor of Mayweather, who is now 44-0.

Mayweather said he was looking for a knockout but a right hand injury sustained during the fight prevented him from doing so.

“I feel bad that I didn’t the knockout tonight. I was looking for it, but I hurt my right hand,” Mayweather said after the fight.

Mayweather said he hurt his right hand midway through the fight, but that didn’t stop him from throwing a number of big right hand shots in the later rounds.

Floyd had Guerrero measured after five rounds and began toying with him in the ring. He wasn’t getting hit by counter-punches as much, so he danced around more and left his hands low. Almost all the damage he did during the fight was with his right, which he fired with regularity. He was really hunting for the knockout in the 11th but was unable to seal the deal.

Guerrero sustained a cut above his left eye around the eighth round but managed to last all 12 rounds despite being clearly overmatched.

After the fight, he admitted Mayweather was better than he thought.

“Little better than I thought. I thought I was going to catch him up,” Guerrero said.

At least Robert wasn’t as delusional as his father, Ruben, who was going around screaming after the fight that Floyd “ran like a chicken.”

Floyd was on the move in the early rounds, which is when Guerrero controlled the ring and connected with body shots. But once Mayweather had him measured, it was all over.

Floyd says he is planning to fight in September. About the only concern is whether or not his hand, which was swolen and cradled by his body, will delay his plans to return.

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