Kimbo Slice Wants to Try Boxing Because It’s Easier Than MMA

Just as quickly as the name “Kimbo Slice” was vaulted into the consciousness of sports fans, the buzz surrounding the underground fighting legend dropped faster than the stock of Citigroup. It was said all along by people “in the know” that Slice was a fraud. He quickly proved that no less than a few fights into his professional MMA career, losing to Seth Petruzelli in 14 seconds. Well in case you were wondering what Kimbo’s been up to lately, he was in the Bahamas and gave an interview to his hometown newspaper. In that article, Kimbo partially blames the loss to Petruzelli on Ken Shamrock backing out of the fight at the last minute. Slice also says that he wants to move to boxing, essentially because MMA’s too hard:

“Boxing is one dimensional while there are a lot of dimensions in MMA. I don’t think it would be a hard transition from MMA to stand-up boxing because of my fighting style.

“Not taking anything away from boxing preparation, MMA training is extremely hard,” said Ferguson. “When you consider martial arts training, you have to prepare for kicks to the head and legs, and opponents wanting to grapple and throwing you to the ground, pounding you with their knees and hands, whereas in boxing you just have to be prepared to weave and bob although the training can be just as intense.”

Kimbo also added that another reason he prefers boxing to MMA is because the former allows someone to fight as frequently as they would like, whereas MMA requires six weeks in between bouts. Responding to Slice’s primary reason for changing sports, I think this is as strong of an indication as any that mixed martial arts is much more difficult than boxing. Boxing has the past, the tradition, the history, and likely won’t soon be losing it. What MMA helps determine is who is the best overall fighter in a ring where almost anything goes. Clearly Kimbo couldn’t keep up; he hadn’t been trained to.

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  • boxer

    im 55 years old and if i ever got tha punk kimbo in a boxing ring id kick the shit out of him

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    Good blog, I have been reading your stuff, I hope my blog becomes as good as yours.

  • jkdpfs62

    While Kimbo Slice appears to be menacing and intimidating it is clear that in the world of MMA he was neither. It is clear that Kimbo did not have the tools, discipline, or heart to compete in a sport such as MMA. When he started with Elite XC he was pitted against fighters that did were not versed in MMA to great degree thus giving him victory due to his punching power. But the UFC has proven that Kimbo is just a puncher and not a very good one at that. He has difficulty hitting anyone that has an understanding of movement and outside of punching range he is lost in the woods. In as far as boxing is concerned I dont think he will fair any bettter due to his conditioning. I dont think he can keep up with anyone in the top 20 and would be embarassed by anyone in the top 10. I think Kimbo’s best days was as a legendary street fighter and now that his mask of invincibility has been removed not so legendary. I wish him all the best and God’s blessings in whatever he does but I do feel that he should leave all fighting to fighters.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRUJ7IIYY6YNRLJGULQZQHJWTU TORY

    Hehad a few wins in mma I don’t think he will win any fights in boxing.