Madison Rising performs horrible National Anthem at Daytona (Video)

Madison-Rising-National-AnthemA singing group called Madison Rising, who refer to themselves as “America’s most patriotic rock band,” performed the National Anthem before the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Daytona on Saturday. We are not exaggerating when we say it may have been the worst rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner we have ever seen at a sporting event.

The performance started out relatively normal, with the first minute or so sounding like your average National Anthem clunker. At about the 1:25 mark of the video above, you will likely have no idea what the hell you’re listening to.

That had to have been a joke right? For a second there I literally thought I was watching a “Saturday Night Live” skit and there was going to be a punchline. Their Wikipedia page was updated accordingly shortly after the disaster.


You’re off the hook, James Taylor. Your World Series flub looks fantastic when you compare it to Madison Rising.

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  • MissAnnie1000 .

    Are you serious? It was an awesome rendition, Stevie. Get out of the box. Maybe you should stick to watching ballet.


    That’s odd , when some of these ” so-called ” singers get up there and do nothing but moan and groan and drag it out forever ; well , that’s ok . A band like this does their own rendition of the song , ( WHICH WASN’T BAD ) get’s nothing but criticism ? WTF !?

  • Ranger Dan Parsons

    Well, at least it wasn’t Ted. I can hear ole Ted right now “For the land of the White, and the thirteen year old girls” Amen Lord.

  • Tired of Taxes

    Not exactly right but better than the ones sung at a lot of other sporting events by these so called artists. I believe the worst was Roseanne Barr’s version at that baseball game in California. Unfortunately these “artists” think it is their right to change it up or add their own verses and when you do that it is no longer the National Anthem.

  • John Chemello

    A good heart warming rendition. They had all the words and sang them correctly. The focus on the flag, current and past heroes, never gets old.

  • Roseanne Pickering

    This is our national anthem we’re talking about. While I’m all for people taking classic pop songs and putting their own special twist on them, to me the Star Spangled Banner is something almost sacred. I don’t know why people take issue with singing it the way Francis Scott Key wrote it.for Pete’s sake. My only exception to this was the version the Cactus Cuties sang acappella in four part harmony. See the you tube video.

  • TJ Thompson

    Their version should be the official version. It makes you want to hear the song, not just get it over with like you want most singers to do. I love it.

  • HorseshoeCasino

    Don’t know who Steve DelVecchio is but he’s certainly not a music critic. This wasn’t the best rendition of the National Anthem I’ve ever heard, but it was far, far from the worst. It didn’t drag on forever, no one forgot the words and it was interesting to listen to. I’m usually in favor of the traditional version but this was enjoyable. Only a bonehead would object to this.