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Friday, November 27, 2015

College Basketball

Kevin Ware calls stubbing your toe ‘one of the worst pains ever’

Much like Pink Floyd and concept albums or Arnold Schwarzenegger and cheesy one-liners, former Louisville guard Kevin Ware knows a thing or two about pain. You might remember the gruesome compound fracture that the 22-year-old suffered in an Elite Eight game against Duke in 2013. Well, apparently Ware himself, now a Georgia State Panther, briefly…Read More

John Calipari put rival coach in check after stealing his recruit

John Calipari is in all likelihood the best recruiter in college basketball, and he has been for years. The guy shops for five-star recruits like he’s picking produce at the market. He puts in work and gets nearly anyone he wants, and that does not sit well with some other coaches. CBS Sports college basketball…Read More

Norwood Teague accused of sexually harassing reporter Amelia Rayno

Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague made a sudden decision to resign last week amid allegations that he sent inappropriate text messages to other university employees. On Monday, a local reporter revealed that sexual harassment has been a habit for Teague for quite some time. In a lengthy story that is worth reading in its entirety,…Read More

Minnesota AD Norwood Teague resigns after sexually harassing colleagues

University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague resigned on Friday morning in the wake of sexual harassment complaints that were filed by two other university employees. In a statement that he gave to KARE 11 in St. Paul, Teague admitted to sending inappropriate text messages to colleagues after having too much to drink at a…Read More

John Calipari: Some Kentucky players were ‘relieved’ after Wisconsin loss

Kentucky fans had their hearts broken earlier this year when their team fell two wins short of completing college basketball’s first perfect season in over 30 years. But if you believe John Calipari, the loss wasn’t quite as devastating for the team. In fact, Calipari recently claimed some of his players were “relieved” after they…Read More

Kentucky reportedly ordered Drake to cease-and-desist

It seems like anything and everything can fall under the umbrella of recruiting violations these days, and hip-hop icon Drake is learning that the hard way. According to a report by The Sporting News on Wednesday, the “Take Care” rapper was recently issued a cease-and-desist letter by the University of Kentucky for committing and NCAA…Read More

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