Larry’s Ladies: Jennifer

Last week I presented the first installment of Larry’s Ladies as part of my new community service project, and I introduced you to Aleeda. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer:

Name: Jennifer

Hometown: Ventura County, CA

Mix-A-Lot: 32-26-36

Body Decorations: Belly ring

Sexual Fantasy: Well, I am in the Air Force and constantly fly on big planes…hmm, a C-130 is a big plane???

Underwear of Preference: HOT pants

Top Songs in the I-Pod: Free Fallin by Tom Petty, Eagles – Best of My Love

Favorite Teams: Lakers rule! Yankees too

Favorite Players: Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter (he’s hot!)

Your significant other is watching the Game, what are you doing? Sitting right next to him, probably yelling louder than he is…

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Larry’s Ladies: Aleeda

Alright, so I’ve been told recently that I need to get out there and rekindle my past community service flames. You know, feed the homeless, raise money for orphans, donate blood, help out at inner-city schools. All that good stuff. Well, I decided that I would indeed provide some community service. Inspired by the Hugh Hefner of sports blogs, Brooks from SPORTSbyBROOKS, I have decided to contribute my services to society in the best of ways. From now on, I will be throwing my weight from this site around by helping out the careers for young, aspiring models. Today, I introduce you to Aleeda. Be nice — it ain’t that easy to look this good.


Name: Aleeda

Age: 21

Hometown: Lake Stevens, WA

Mix-A-Lot: 34-27-36

Body Decorations: 2 tats, tongue ring

Sexual Fantasy: On a deserted island, sun, water, and a hunky guy

Underwear of Choice: Thong

Top Songs in the I-Pod: AKON – lap dance and I want to Love you, Bob Seger greatest hits

Favorite Teams: Seahawks, Bucs, Mariners, A’s

Favorite Player: Bobby Crosby

Your significant other is watching the game, what are you doing? Watching it with him!

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