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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Erin Andrews Engaged to Little Baseball Player?

Purdue basketball player says Erin Andrews is engaged [Sports by Brooks]
Large breasted Saints fan gaining tons of popularity [Busted Coverage]
Lane Kiffin never had a Tennessee driver’s licen

Bama Fans: Florida Got Nutt’d On

Those Bama fans can get pretty creative apparently. This was definitely a PG-13 poster put together for the College Gameday Show on ESPN and almost as good as the LSU Civil War poster.

Introducing Baby Joe Paterno

Baby Mangino has competition from Baby Joe Pa [Deadspin]
Could Darko Milicic be heading back to Europe? [You Been Blinded]
A-Rod, Josh Beckett, and Kevin Youkilis’ underwear for sale [Extra Mus

Vince Young Now Selling Sausages

What is the deal with NFL quarterbacks participating in ads to pitch phallic-shaped meats? First Carson Palmer, now Vince Young?

Vince Young wants to sell you his sausage [Sports by Brooks]

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