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Gorilla Picks Saints to Win Super Bowl

The meerkats at the Fort Worth zoo got it wrong picking the Cardinals to beat the Steelers. This year, it was Amani, the 37-year-old gorilla who got to make the selection. Faced with two papier-mache footballs, she made the choice:

At least New Orleans has someone on their side — seems like most analysts have been picking the Colts — for good reasons. Now if you’re wondering whether or not the gorilla’s picks will be prescient, one of the zoo’s elephants made picks from ’98-’07 and was successful 60% of the time. Your probably better off going with my picks at a higher percentage, but I’m actually with the gorilla on this one — Saints plus the points, Colts outright.

Erin Andrews Engaged to Little Baseball Player?

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NBA Player Accuser Vanessa Lopez Looks Like a Huge Gold Digger

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Bama Fans: Florida Got Nutt’d On

Those Bama fans can get pretty creative apparently. This was definitely a PG-13 poster put together for the College Gameday Show on ESPN and almost as good as the LSU Civil War poster.

The question is … will Bama be able to replicate the Ole Miss Nutt shot?

Introducing Baby Joe Paterno

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