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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Erin Andrews Engaged to Little Baseball Player?

Purdue basketball player says Erin Andrews is engaged [Sports by Brooks] Large breasted Saints fan gaining tons of popularity [Busted Coverage] Lane Kiffin never had a Tennessee driver’s license [The Wiz of Odds] Listen to Prince’s new Minnesota Vikings song [Mouthpiece Sports] Mike Dunleavy cusses at Chris Kaman after a dumb mistake [You Been Blinded]…Read More

NBA Player Accuser Vanessa Lopez Looks Like a Huge Gold Digger

Model Vanessa Lopez appears to be an NBA player gold digger [You Been Blinded] Pictures of Elaine Spottiswood, A-Rod’s new chick [Busted Coverage] How do all of those National Championship predictions look now? [The Wiz of Odds] Bears thanks the fans for their support in newspaper ad [Mouthpiece Sports] Dissecting Tim Tebow’s mechanics for the…Read More

Bama Fans: Florida Got Nutt’d On

Those Bama fans can get pretty creative apparently. This was definitely a PG-13 poster put together for the College Gameday Show on ESPN and almost as good as the LSU Civil War poster. The question is … will Bama be able to replicate the Ole Miss Nutt shot?

Introducing Baby Joe Paterno

Baby Mangino has competition from Baby Joe Pa [Deadspin] Could Darko Milicic be heading back to Europe? [You Been Blinded] A-Rod, Josh Beckett, and Kevin Youkilis’ underwear for sale [Extra Mustard] A fire Charlie Weis site has been launched [The Wiz of Odds] Brendon Ayanbadejo wants your Pro Bowl vote [Mouthpiece Sports] Allen Iverson might…Read More

Those UCF Players Sure Are Classy

And everyone thought Miami players were the badboys of college football? May need to reevaluate things. [The Wiz of Odds] Terrell Owens looks ridiculous dressing like a nerd [Shutdown Corner] Are squib kicks the answer at the end of games? [Mouthpiece Sports] Stephen A. Smith is sick of Pacman Jones making blacks look bad [Deadspin]…Read More

Merrill Hoge: Vince Young Is a Baby

Boy, this guy doesn’t cease to rip Vince Young. Worst part is, VY is too sensitive to the criticism. [SportsbyBrooks] Partying on a boat with Vols fans is fun [The Sporting Blog] Mike Golic Jr. busted for underage drinking [You Been Blinded] Golic addresses the situation on Mike and Mike [Awful Announcing] Is it the…Read More

Vince Young Now Selling Sausages

What is the deal with NFL quarterbacks participating in ads to pitch phallic-shaped meats? First Carson Palmer, now Vince Young? Vince Young wants to sell you his sausage [Sports by Brooks] Best gift ever? You can rent a USC Song Girl [Deadspin] Michael Jackson teaches Michael Jordan how to dance [You Been Blinded] Novak Djokovic…Read More

Shawn Johnson: Hot or Not?

Shawn Johnson did not make the All-Hottest Olympians at Beijing Team. Does that deserve a do-over? Shawn Johnson and Nastia Luikin in bikins [Egotastic] via the legendary SpinMax Shawn Johnson talks about her taco [Sports by Brooks] Stephen A. Smith sees race as a factor in fantasy football [Deadspin] How did the Tampa Bay Rays…Read More

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