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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Only $193,000 to Get Gisele Naked

I don’t know how Tom Brady is letting people get away with this. Back when it was announced that a black and white nude photo of Gisele Bundchen was going to be sold, it was anticipated it would fetch around $30,000-$40,000. HG at You Been Blinded had a great suggestion that Eli Manning step in…Read More

MLB All-Century Team

Your All-Century Team offense and pitching staff [Baseball Mastermind] Quite possibly the best baseball jersey ever made [Deadspin] Jesse Jackson is tight with Memphis basketball [SPORTSbyBROOKS] Should we be boycotting the Beijing Olympics? [Signal to Noise] Philly-area high-schooler nailed by comebacker in the nads [FanIQ] Notre Dame pitcher takes comebacker off the dome [The Sporting…Read More

Jose Canseco Finally Implicates A-Rod

Jose Canseco explains why he left A-Rod out of the first book [Deadspin] Attention broadcasters: don’t drop F-Bombs on-air [Awful Announcing] A blind man who actually is a boxer. Crazy. [SPORTSbyBROOKS] Women just can’t get enough of Tiger Woods [The Sporting Blog] Has the NBA become a niche sport? [Ballhype] Why Memphis won’t be winning…Read More

Hottest Cheerleader Brackets

It has been confirmed: UCLA will win it all [FanIQ] Bob Costas still thinks I’m a loser in the basement [Deadspin] Why is there hostility between the mainstream media and bloggers? [Sedano Show] Your March Madness broadcast team schedules [Awful Announcing] Smush Parker’s hands love model’s breasts [You Been Blinded] Pacers looking to get rid…Read More

Eli Manning Future Underwear Model?

Could Eli Manning wind up modeling some huggies? [The Sporting Blog] Nude photos of Brady’s Gisele going up for auction [You Been Blinded] Alabama fan explains why he hates Tennessee [Deadspin] Steve Nash still bitter over the playoff loss to San Antonio [True Hoop] A tribute to UCLA legend, Lorenzo Mata [Gutty Little Bruins] Oregon…Read More

Revisiting Wilts 100 Point Game

Brilliant piece on how media would have covered Wilt’s 100pt game [Deadspin] The newest video game: Madden football meets GTA [You Been Blinded] Bret Boone apparently abused booze, not roids [Mr. Irrelevant] Your guide to fantasy baseball sleepers [Baseball Mastermind] NBA players love them some Cheesecake Factory [True Hoop] Chris Paul’s signature sneaker makes its…Read More

You Can Buy Karl Dorrell’s House

You can have the honor of purchasing Karl Dorrell’s home [The Wizard of Odds] CBS screws over Kentucky fans [Awful Announcing] Tony Gonzalez isn’t a fan of sluts [You Been Blinded] Official Proof: Stephen A. Smith loves his cheese doodles [Deadspin] Angels prank pitcher John Lackey [Obscure Sports Quarterly] Oregon boosters rooting against Ducks to…Read More

Inside Dwight Howard’s Superman Dunk

Dwight Howard explains his superman dunk in postgame comments [Hoops World] Aussie Rules Football has a great Wonderlic exam [You Been Blinded] Prince Fielder is becoming a vegetarian. Yikes. [Signal to Noise] Police didn’t let Miami students storm the court against Duke [The Sporting Blog] Billy Gillispie doesn’t like his players enjoying losses [We Are…Read More

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