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Friday, November 27, 2015


Jon Miller Does a Japanese and Spanish Vin Scully Impression

Sunday marked the 60th anniversary of Vin Scully calling Dodgers games — a truly remarkable feat. Several people wrote tributes to Vin including Tony Jackson at ESPNLA, Eric Stephen at TrueBlueLA, and the Associated Press. All of those were lovely tributes to one of my favorite broadcasters of all-time. But there was one tribute that…Read More

Merril Hoge Slips Up a Cock

Imagine my surprise when ESPN analyst, Merril Hoge, was signing off from the fantasy football show on Sunday, and let this slip out. Call it Freudian? I don’t know. I’ll let you decide for yourself: I just can’t even imagine what it was like on set for Schwab and Matthew Barry. There’s no way you…Read More

Rex Hudler Enjoys His Brownies

Last night I was watching the Angels/A's game when a rather dubious exchange took place between Angels broadcasters Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler. They were promoting The Simpsons Movie which led Physioc to mention donuts. The donuts mention led Phys to mention brownies. It was an awful lead in by Physioc, and Hudler fell right…Read More

Joe Morgan Corrects Himself on Sunday Night Baseball (Audio)

I noted recently that Joe Morgan was caught making a mistake (also known as a lie) while telling a story on Sunday Night Baseball. He said that he helped the Phillies continue their notable 10 game losing streak with an RBI single in his major league debut back in 1964. Problem was, Morgan made his…Read More

Gary Sheffield Interview on HBO Real Sports

The audio from Gary Sheffield's interview on HBO's Real Sports with Andrea Kremer. Amongst the highlights: – Sheffield can't avoid controversy – Yankees treat black and white players differently – Joe Torre called him out – Sheffield took the cream and the clear – Sheffield is not a steroid user – Steroids are only injected…Read More

Mike North and Ozzie Guillen Face Off (Audio)

Once again, The Mike North Morning Show on WSCR in Chicago was the center of controversy. Ozzie Guillen called into the show after hearing his catcher AJ Pierzynski complain to North about being left out of the lineup in favor of backup Toby Hall. Guillen absolutely goes off on North and Pierzynski for questioning the…Read More

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