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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Interview with Oscar’s Trainer, Freddie Roach

If you want to know what to expect from the De La Hoya party tonight, check out the interview. Here were some of the topics of conversation: I asked Freddie about signing on late to train Oscar for the fight, how the media tour impacted the training, what the biggest obstacle Mayweather will present, and…Read More

Interview with Sugar Shane Mosley

The Oscar De La Hoya/Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight is rapidly approaching (it's on Saturday fools!). So check it out, I had a chance to speak with Sugar Shane Mosley, who has a new role as a promoter with Golden Boy Promotions — Oscar's company. I asked Shane about his new role as a promoter, how…Read More

Tony La Russa Does Not Like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As I alluded to in the previous post, Tony La Russa had a shouting match with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz on Friday after the Cardinals 5-3 loss to the Cubs (click here to listen). La Russa was upset over an article that ran earlier in the day on Friday, detailing in literally poetic…Read More

Tony La Russa Boycots St Louis Post-Dispatch

Check out the exchange Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa had with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz following the Cardinals 5-3 loss to the Cubs on Friday. He had been boycotting questions from Post-Dispatch reporters because he was unhappy about an article that appeared in the paper on Friday morning detailing why the Cubs would…Read More

Baseball Interview on 1530 Homer The Sports Animal

I was a guest today on The Richard Skinner Show on 1530 Homer The Sports Animal in Cincinnati. We talked strictly baseball, and hit on the following subjects: – The Josh Hamilton story – Parity in baseball – Whether or not the Giants will bench Bonds to ensure he breaks the record at home –…Read More

Lou Piniella Has First Blow Up

Not happy about his team blowing a 5-0 lead (5-0!) with their best pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, on the hill, Lou Piniella blew up at a reporter who asked him what's not working. Listen below to hear Lou's first blow up of the '07 baseball season. MP3 File

Stuart Appleby Drops F-Bomb on CBS

In the middle of the final round of The Masters, Stuart Appleby drove his tee shot straight into the bunker. Needless to say, Appleby wasn't happy about it. Listen in closely to hear Appleby drop two f-bombs under the announcer's voice, and a third right afterwards. You have to listen carefully to catch it. MP3…Read More

2007 AL Preview Larry Brown & Denny Hocking

Larry Brown and 13 year MLB veteran Denny Hocking break down the American League and preview the 2007 season. Each of us give our playoff predictions and awards predictions including Cy Young, HR king, batting champ, Manager of the Year, and MVP. Listen to hear our Rookie of the Year picks and World Series picks….Read More

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