Mike North and Ozzie Guillen Face Off (Audio)

Once again, The Mike North Morning Show on WSCR in Chicago was the center of controversy. Ozzie Guillen called into the show after hearing his catcher AJ Pierzynski complain to North about being left out of the lineup in favor of backup Toby Hall. Guillen absolutely goes off on North and Pierzynski for questioning the manager's decision, either completely ignoring the fact that he's on radio, or completely unaware of it. And man, does it produce some of the greatest audio I've heard! Enjoy

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Interview with Oscar’s Trainer, Freddie Roach

If you want to know what to expect from the De La Hoya party tonight, check out the interview.

Here were some of the topics of conversation: I asked Freddie about signing on late to train Oscar for the fight, how the media tour impacted the training, what the biggest obstacle Mayweather will present, and what Oscar's approach will be in the fight. Check it out

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Interview with Sugar Shane Mosley

The Oscar De La Hoya/Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight is rapidly approaching (it's on Saturday fools!). So check it out, I had a chance to speak with Sugar Shane Mosley, who has a new role as a promoter with Golden Boy Promotions — Oscar's company.

I asked Shane about his new role as a promoter, how he was able to beat Oscar twice, who he's picking to win, and what his long term plans are.

You might be very surprised to hear who Sugar Shane picks to win the fight. Listen to find out who he likes…

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Tony La Russa Does Not Like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As I alluded to in the previous post, Tony La Russa had a shouting match with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz on Friday after the Cardinals 5-3 loss to the Cubs (click here to listen). La Russa was upset over an article that ran earlier in the day on Friday, detailing in literally poetic form, why the Cubs would not break their curse.

We put a new twist on an old poem* to capture in verse why the Cubs will never break the curse … and list the reasons they are destined to not win a World Series.

These are the cruelest of echoing words:

No Tinker. No Evers. No chance.

Spend all they can, Cubs still chasing the ‘Birds.

Clearly La Russa was not happy about reading the article. It’s bad enough to deal with one of his own players giving the Cubs bulletin board material and more incentive to win. But it’s much worse when a local reporter does the trick. As a result, he boycotted questions from Post-Dispatch reporters both before and after the game until getting into an argument with Miklasz.

“That cheap shot against the Cubs, I don’t want to be a part of it, and I want them, I want everybody to know that the St. Louis Cardinals and their manager have an absolute disregard for that,” La Russa said.

“I know it’s the editor [who] makes those decisions,” La Russa said. “But I have a couple of ways [to protest], and the one way I’m going to do it is I’m not going to answer questions from the Post-Dispatch. If you disagree with that, write that you disagree with it. I don’t care. I really don’t. What I care is that I don’t put my stamp, any way shape or form, on the cheap shot like that at a Major League organization.”

I understand La Russa here, problem is, by not talking to the Post-Dispatch, it provides more fuel for their writers to tear apart the Cardinals in the paper. Probably not the wisest move by La Russa, but I understand why he’d be pissed about what was written.

Tony La Russa Boycots St Louis Post-Dispatch

Check out the exchange Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa had with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz following the Cardinals 5-3 loss to the Cubs on Friday. He had been boycotting questions from Post-Dispatch reporters because he was unhappy about an article that appeared in the paper on Friday morning detailing why the Cubs would not break the curse.

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Baseball Interview on 1530 Homer The Sports Animal

I was a guest today on The Richard Skinner Show on 1530 Homer The Sports Animal in Cincinnati. We talked strictly baseball, and hit on the following subjects:

– The Josh Hamilton story
– Parity in baseball
– Whether or not the Giants will bench Bonds to ensure he breaks the record at home
– How Bonds is received on the road
– How long does Joe Torre have
– Whether or not Roger Clemens will play this year, and for whom
– Are the Brewers for real

Click on the play button below or download the mp3 link to hear us rap about some MLB

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Lou Piniella Has First Blow Up

Not happy about his team blowing a 5-0 lead (5-0!) with their best pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, on the hill, Lou Piniella blew up at a reporter who asked him what's not working. Listen below to hear Lou's first blow up of the '07 baseball season.

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