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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shameless Self Promotion

LB talks NFL, Hostess cinnamon streusel cakes on New Era Radio

I joined my friends and former Sporting News Radio colleagues Marcas Grant and Cacique Vargas Pile on their “New Era Radio” show this week to talk some football. We discussed Ndamukong Suh avoiding a suspension, the disaster that is the Philadelphia Eagles, the 49ers quarterback controversy, and the Dallas Cowboys fan petition to overthrow Jerry…Read More

LB talks NBA playoffs, Lakers, Dodgers, Albert Pujols on New Era Radio show

My friends and former Sporting News Radio colleagues Cacique Vargas-Pile and Marcas Grant invited me on their radio program this week to talk NBA playoffs and LA sports teams. We talked about the Lakers’ early postseason exit and what they can do in the offseason, the Dodgers’ hot start, and about Albert Pujols’ struggles. Cacique…Read More

Del talks Bobby Valentine and the Red Sox with ESPN 1420 in Honolulu

With spring training upon us and football season in hibernation until the fall, Del joined Bobby Curran of ESPN 1420 in Honolulu on Thursday to talk some baseball. As you all know, the always-outspoken Bobby Valentine has been blowing up headlines already with his jab at Derek Jeter, alcohol-free clubhouse policy, and mini verbal war…Read More

LB Talks UCLA Football, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on The Solid Verbal Podcast

LB had the pleasure of joining The Solid Verbal podcast Wednesday to talk UCLA football and preview the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. If you’re unfamiliar with The Solid Verbal, it’s the best college football podcast on the web. Hosts Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein sound great and are highly entertaining. If you’re a college football…Read More

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