Crazy Jay Bilas Has Cornell in Elite Eight

I’ve seen a lot of nonsense before in my life but I haven’t seen as many ridiculous notions as the one Jay Bilas suggested on Selection Sunday. Analyzing the brackets for ESPN, Bilas revealed his pick of Cornell to reach the Elite Eight in the East Region. I know March Madness got its nickname because of the improbable upsets in the tourney and the insanity it causes for fans making picks, but nonetheless I think it’s nothing short of absurd to say Cornell will reach the Elite Eight.

Can they beat Temple in the first round? Possibly. Wisconsin in the second round? Unlikely — not the way the Badgers play defense. If they got some help from Wofford, yeah, Cornell could reach the Sweet Sixteen, but I doubt that would happen. Then, should Cornell reach said Sweet Sixteen, they would theoretically have to beat Kentucky to reach the Elite Eight. That would never happen in the college basketball universe as I know it.

I know March is about picking upsets and finding sleepers, but calling Cornell to the Elite Eight is something reserved for Ivan from Ithaca who calls my radio show, not supposed credible analysts like Jay Bilas. I know ESPN encourages their analysts to go out on a limb with predictions but it should never get to the point where it hurts one’s credibility as this likely will for Bilas. If Jay turns out to be correct, I’ll rename this site Jay Bilas Sports for a week and apologize to the man personally. If not, I reserve the right to question Bilas’ credibility moving forward. By the way, Jay, the reason why everyone’s picking chalk isn’t necessarily because they’re afraid of picking upsets; it’s because all the good teams got jammed in the Midwest for some inexcusable reason.

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  • Gene

    Jay Bilas went to Duke. Enough said.

  • Jay Bilas

    Suck it, Larry Brown. That’s why I’m on ESPN and you got some little blog at the ends of the universe. What, what?!? I’m the man, bow down.

  • cj

    “If Jay turns out to be correct, I’ll rename this site Jay Bilas Sports for a week and apologize to the man personally.”

    Not a Cornell fan (nor a Duke nor ACC in general fan), but you may want to warm up a new url!

  • http://espn.com cufan

    I loves me so good ol’ fashioned schadenfreude.

    “Jay Bilas Sports” has a nice ring to it.

  • Andrew

    So, um, feeling any different after seeing Cornell twice this week?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    They still have to beat Kentucky for Bilas to be right. That’s what made his pick so ridiculous. Not going to happen.

  • Brandon Jones

    How bout that stellar Badger defense givin up 87 points to Cornell

  • Sam

    LOL – Cornell in the sweet sixteen with basically a home game against Kentucky, whose the IDIOT now Larry Brown… haha, get ready to change the website name, and don’t expect anyone to listen to your dumbass remarks anymore… Jay Bilas will be right, and even if Cornell loses to Kentucky, it doesn’t matter, Bilas’ prediction was better than yours retard

  • Tony Caire

    You have to give Jay Bilas credit with his pick of Cornell. He looked at the bracket and made a solid choice based on the teams playing. Look at all of the people that jumped on his bandwagon and took Cornell too. Vegas was way off on the lines for Cornell’s first two games and to me Jay looks like the expert that he is. Come on anyone can pick the 1 and 2 seeds to go all of the way, but to pick Cornell to win even the first two games is GENIUS.

  • Thurston Howell

    Lets not forget he picked Kansas and Nova too. This is the beauty of the tournement. If Cornell beats Kentucky it will be just as Northern Iowa winning. Dicky V said it best. Kansas is clearly the better team and in a best of 7 match, Northern Iowa has absolutely no chance. If Cornell wins it will be the same deal. It will be because Kentucky didnt play to their full potential. Come on guys, get it together

  • Jeff

    If you listened to everything Bilas said, he was trying to make a point. He said himself “Kentucky is the better team”. Kentucky will beat Cornell, helped in part by the upset of Kansas by Northern Iowa. I think that upset has scared every other top-seeded team in this tournament to take NOTHING for granted. Jim Boeheim and John Calipari have Kansas to thank for making sure their teams are focused during every game.

    Bilas’ main point, that Cornell was vastyly under-seeded, has been shown to be 100% correct. Cornell destroyed Temple and Wisconsin; didn’t just beat them, destroyed them, especially Wisconsin. Bilas was absolutely right that they should have been around a 5-seed.

    Also, anyone ragging on Bilas for picking Kansas is nuts. Everybody picked Kansas. You want to rag on somebody, rag on Digger Phelps, who picks against Duke every chance he gets and said Cal would beat Duke easily. Hubert Davis, no Duke fan, said Cal had no chance. So if you want to rag on someone, rag on Digger.

    I do hope this site does get a name change for a week, though. That would be awesome.

  • 7rings

    just watched cornell vs. kentucky, cornell played hard, but it was quite obvious that kentucky was superior. I watched college gameday scoredboard on espn afterwards and Digger Phelps said nothing good about kentucky, only how west virginia could beat them by playing 1-3-1 and 2-3 zones. and he used the Tennessee loss as an example. Mr. Phelps gets paid to analyze college basketball…but he failed to mention that everyone played zone against kentucky this year, and they have beat zones 33 times now. It would be refreshing to see someone play man to man defense against them. That is not going to happen because the only way to beat this talented team is to play zone and hope they don’t make shots against it. I applaud Mr. Bilas for making this pick of Cornell against Kentucky, but in the end Kentucky’s defense was the difference. Let’s face it, the only team left that can beat Kentucky is Kentucky.