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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jim Boeheim meme comes strong after jacket meltdown

Jim Boeheim Michael Jackson

Jim Boeheim nearly tossing his jacket during his meltdown at the end of Syracuse’s loss to Duke on Saturday night was one of those precious moments you just knew was destined for internet fame. Sure enough, the ‘net did not let us down on this one.

Boeheim never completely ripped off his jacket or threw his coat like many other coaches during his meltdown, but he did begin the process just as he was raging. That was all the great folks needed to begin Photoshopping the Syracuse coach into cinematic moments.

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The ringleader on this mission was SB Nation’s Brian Floyd. Bless him for creating some of the great work seen below:

Boeheim joins Leo DiCaprio in “Titanic”:

Boeheim in “300”:

Boeheim joins the “Baywatch” cast:

Boeheim in “Breaking Bad”:

Boeheim running away from the freaky New Orleans Pelicans mascot:

Boeheim in “The Firm”:

Boeheim running away from the bulls in Pamplona:

Boeheim in Ghostbusters!

Boeheim gone ski jumping:

Boeheim off the top rope:

H/T The Sports Hernia

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