Scoop Jardine Makes Syracuse Point Shaving Rumors Worse by Responding

Syracuse was 18-0 and a top-five team in college basketball, but the Orangemen have lost four in a row since starting the year strongly. They were wiped out at home last week 90-68 by Seton Hall, leaving many fans with questions. Apparently those questions have resulted in rumors, such as one posted on a gambling site saying Cuse players Scoop Jardine, Dion Waiters, and James Southerland have been shaving points.

Jardine hasn’t played his best in the four losses and was particularly awful against Villanova, but that in no way implies he was shaving points. Waiters and Southerland are both reserves and neither played in the loss to Marquette, but both have seen plenty of minutes in each of the team’s conference games. The DNPs were Waiters’ first of the year and fourth for Southerland, and the DNP seemed to be punishment for Waiters. Clearly Waiters’ status with coach Jim Boeheim is in question, but that is most likely due to his attitude.

Two speculative reports came out Tuesday suggesting the players were shaving points and that led to fans questioning the players on twitter. Rather than ignoring the bombardment, Scoop Jardine made what KC radio host Nick Wright described as an awful move. Here’s what Scoop wrote on twitter, as Wright alerted me:

It’s possible the story disappears within a day and the players have no reason to worry, or this could take a turn for the ugly. Only time will tell what happens with the story, but hopefully it’s all nonsense.

The Cuse is 7-13 ATS on the season, worst in the Big East.

UPDATE: The rumors were addressed and completely denied. Syraucse went on to have a fine season going 27-8 and losing in the second round of the NCAA tournament to Marquette.

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  • http://twitter.com/FrozenOrangeFan DSnowman

    Total BS…the media blew this team up to be something they are not. They were never the #3 team in America. They were lucky at times to win all their OOC games. The reason they are bad against the spread is because they simply aren’t as good as the oddsmakers or the media would like them to be. They have hit a cold streak lately, but that doesn’t mean anything illegal is going on. Gime me a break. Giving this attention just adds to the rumor.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S75N7Q3BSUMO2F5MCJRNJ66BAQ J.R.

    this is completely untrue, the person that started it and really got it going worked for YNN. He took the story he heard from a poker forum where people were discussing how Cuse has been playing bad. The reporter then went on to also claim that it was a “credible” source. Of course, a poker forum, where people are discussing such actions is not a “credible” source. The reporter that started it has deleted his Facebook and Twitter since and is under review.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pueblonative John Meyer

    Scoops Jardine responded exactly how we think anybody whose been maligned by a lie should, come out and say it’s a lie. Better. If that had been me accused of that you couldn’t have printed the tweets on any family-friendly web site.

  • Anonymous

    This web site is sad. Some gambler gets upset that he lost some money, and to get revenge, he starts a completely unfounded rumor. That’s what you should be reporting on! Instead you take this trashy angle???

    What happens if Scoop says nothing?….then this thing blows up from uncertainty. The writer of this column is resposible to what goes online and you have totally lost your integrity, sir. I will be passing over your site from now on and telling everyone else to do so as well.