Tony Parker is staying at UCLA

Tony Parker was disgruntled during his freshman season for the Bruins and seemed like a lock to transfer schools. But it looks like that is no longer happening.

The big man from Atlanta tweeted Sunday night to say he’s a Bruin:

tony-parker-uclaThe tweet seemed like a strong sign that Parker would be staying in Westwood, as did his appearance at UCLA’s football practice over the weekend.

Georgia 247 Sports reporter Gentry Estes says Parker’s father confirmed the forward would stay with UCLA. Estes also says new UCLA coach Steve Alford met with Parker’s family over the weekend at the Final Four, which helped convince the big man to stay.

The news seems good for UCLA on the surface, but Parker really needs to show he can play. Despite being a top recruit entering the season, Parker only averaged 2.4 points and 1.2 rebounds while playing 6.3 minutes per game. He was hardly a factor for the Bruins.

Getting Parker to stay is a good sign, but the real trick would be if Alford could get Parker to produce.

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  • RoycePowell

    “the real trick would be Alford could get Parker to produce”….you mean by “trick” as actually putting him into a game…last I checked, keeping a player on the bench doesn’t really help on the production end of things….Howland’s use or lack of use of Parker is one of many reasons he’s looking at the Rutger’s job opening right now.

  • Bruin for life

    I agree with your post. What good does a player do if he or she can not get help to improve. Howland left the kids to their own and most of these kids are not self motivated or driven. They need guidance and motivation to get them going. Josh was a perfect example as Howland did not interven. He left Josh to his own and she self destructed…..
    I know this from personal knowledge. Josh is a great kid, just needed some help and guidance with his weight…… Oh well, time will tell.

  • RoycePowell

    To me, Tony Parker had so much upside this last season that was completely wasted on the bench….so what if he fouled out, there were other players that Howland loved to play all the time who were liabilities most of the time. Parker will shine this upcoming season and I’m very happy he is back to finish what he started.

  • delashmit

    I guess the San Antonio Spurs will miss him. LOL (same names)

  • Bruin for life

    No question that Tony has potential but one must also look at the overall picture. Leaving Tony in there to foul out might be ok to you but his committing 5 fouls in a hurry as Josh used to do would put the opposing team in the BONUS free throw shots. Meaning every team foul after the 6th foul would give the other team free throws and that would give them easy baskets.
    Coaches have to manage the time outs, fouls and ball possessions and it is not smart to leave a guy in there that will get everyone else in trouble at the end of the game.
    So to answer the critics of CBH and Tony’s playing time, please make an attempt to go to one of the practices and see how the players PLAY AND HUSSLE in practice to EARN MINUTES for the real game. (it may be a bit late for CBH, but may work with CSA)