AJ McCarron’s mom asks on Twitter if Jameis Winston is speaking English

Jameis Winston

A.J. McCarron’s mother Dee Dee Bonner is in some hot water for a tweet she sent during Jameis Winston’s postgame speech after the BCS National Championship Game.

“Am I listening to English?” Bonner asked over Twitter.

She quickly deleted the tweet, but it was captured by many people on Twitter.

Dee Dee Bonner tweet Jameis Winston

In response to Winston’s postgame speech, I retweeted a tweet and said the speech was “brutal.”

Some notable athletes really enjoyed Winston’s speech. Check out these tweets from LeBron James and Reggie Bush:

Maybe we can all agree that the speech wasn’t presented in the best way, but the message and passion he conveyed is what really mattered, not everything else.

Here’s a video of the speech:

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  • John The Heckler

    Oh my bad. She is white! LMAO.

    She needs that paycheck to pay her trailer off.

  • Lonnie Duncan

    I hope you get hit by a car bitch.

  • blkspade

    Jameis graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA. I can gaurantee that most of you on here were average high school studens and college drop outs.

  • blkspade

    Yeah you sound like a real genius. Whats your occupation? Besides being a loser.

  • Rodney Bunkley

    You guys do realize he’s from the COUNTRY which means he has a SOUTHERN ACCENT??? Just like a german, an asian, a russian, etc. NOT EVERYONE IS SUPPOSE TO SPEAK “PROPER”. Therefore, stop judging.

  • blkspade

    I bet you thought unarmed Trayvon Matin deserved to be shot and George Zimmerman was some kind of hero. Willie Meggs has prosecuted many FSU players in the past and would have done the same to Jameis if the evidence showed a rape occured. There were witnesses, text messages and conflicting versions of what happened that night.

  • SeeYouToo

    I hope this young man embrace a mentor that will guide him. He does need help with public speaking. Shame on NCAA and FSU. He needs to stop tweeting and open his eyes before he get the prize. Has a long row to hoe yet! OJ was very articulate but his attidude sucked and will most likely die in prison. Michael Vick learned the hard way who the true haters were as his entourage abandoned him. Is what she said factual? Sometimes even the haters will tell you what you need to hear if you just listen. Good Luck Winston. I hope you gain more than just football skills.

  • Michael Rogers

    Which current NFL quarterback (besides Geno Smith) performs this poorly in front of the camera?

    Jameis has quite a bit of work to do if he wants to be the face of anyone’s franchise and some of the blame has to go to the institution.

  • Michael Rogers

    If it matters very little, I wonder why Vince Young doesn’t have a job in the NFL or in the media–his win/loss record is impressive. Bottom line for NFL GMs and owners is simple–if they can’t put you out there for the weekly press conference or have you represent the team without embarrassing them, you won’t have a job in the league.

    Besides Geno Smith, how many other current quarterbacks speak like Jameis? This young man needs help to get to the next level.

  • Michael Rogers

    Is the discussion here about Dee Dee and her problems or are we talking about Jameis and the perception of the failed educational system + expectations for athlete students? Just because Dee Dee is turd doesn’t make the question “Is this English?” invalid.

  • Tres Nueve

    Winston has a 4.0 GPA though. He’s educated.

  • Michael Rogers

    You nailed it–it’s really about be prepared for the moment. Jameis shouldn’t be judged for speaking colloquially–most people do, myself included. But when the lights come on, you have to be ready to perform and represent yourself and your university or employer.

  • Ed democratic America

    This man is an ATHLETE, people ! If you went to high school…all athletes are the same, black, white, green yellow, THEY ALL GET PREFERENTIAL TREATEMENT and most pay NO attention to the educational aspect of “school”. THEY DON’T HAVE TO…….
    In response to that white woman’s tweet : ) , the tweet tweets for itself…nuff said.

  • Robert

    I understood his speech. He just won the biggest game in college football, I’m going to stutter and stumble a bit also. Cut the guy some slack. As for the rape, innocent, he’s obviously going to go pro, she just wanted to ride the gravy train.

  • Danny

    Winston is a talented kid with a great future in the NFL. He proves one can make millions despite his indifference to speaking proper English. QB’s are usually the smart ones on the team so I don’t think it’s a reflection of his intellect. I don’t think it serves him well though.

  • Allston Eric

    4.0 in high school. If he was given grades in hs i doubt it’d be a 4.0. Stfu i doubt you even had a 4.0 in hs. Hell, A.J. McCarron only had like a 3.5. Dee Dee McCarron just embarrassed her son. (although not as bad as that bama fan embarassed her family and bama fans everywhere.

  • Allston Eric

    Good he doesn’t need to, He has a better arm and decison making than 1/3 of nfl qbs. you don’t need to read at a college level to read an nfl defense

  • jholleye

    You must fall in the same category

  • jholleye

    If that is all you can do you need to pull the trigger

  • Tbream

    Ok Kwame…Nice to see your proud of being from the worst continent on earth…your reply means allot to me..

  • Tbream

    Uhh, white people are the majority of the population….so there are obviously more of them on welfare.

  • Tbream

    Thats an ignorant statement..you dont know what I do to earn money nor how much i make. Your right though..ahem, lil wayne is someone to look up to and aspire to be..I bet your a real winnner.

  • JKinnebrew

    Aaaand there it is – everybody was waiting for the first asshole to bring race into this thing. Congrats.

    Sure Cedric, that’s exactly why people are irritated that athletes get such preferential treatment — it’s ALL about “race”

    :- /

  • Kwame Senegal

    Hahaha! Norris, my language is SO above your brain!! All the parts that you have quoted here are so grammatically correct that there is nothing to say about them at all. Good Lord, grab a book! Even your logic is flawed. Well, it doesn’t even qualify as “logic”. I swear to god my little 10 year-old nephew would never give this type of lowest-level reasoning (Hahaha, I told my nephew what you said and he was laughing so hard!). What a pity to hear you say (based on my logic) “a car needs fuel, therefore fuel is redundant because all cars need it”. Look here ignorant skunk that never reads. I was referring to communication and intelligibility. I argued that if two parties communicate, they necessarily understand each other. For that reason “intelligibility” is a sine qua non condition for communication to truly take place. So whenever we talk about communication we are also talking about intelligibility. That’s why I said it is “redundant to even talk about intelligible communication. Now, let us look at your 2 year-old logic. Whether a car has fuel or not, it is and remains a car. You do need fuel to operate it, but it does not affect it being a “car”. I will not call you names, but I can tell you one thing and truly mean it: I am way more educated and more intelligent that you will ever be in your life. My language alone is WAY ABOVE YOUR HEAD. People like you are the kinds that go to schools to shoot children because you are angry by nature and that anger is fueled (there goes your “fuel” hahaha) by chronic ignorance. Challenge me anytime and you would lose every time. Grab a book, homeboy! Mayst Peace and enlightenment be to thee.

  • Kwame Senegal

    You mean “you are”. You are welcome. I am just sad to hear native speakers speak like you do.

  • desicortez

    So enlighten me my Redneck sports-fans . . . is it this, our alleged intellectual inferiority which permitted White folks to enslave, beat, murder, torture, rape and kill Black folks?

    It amazes me White folks walk around talking about how there’s no racism left in America . . . just read the words coming out of angry, half-mad with contempt and animosity White folks on this page, or any page which deals with like content. . . . these are the White boys who could demand a little ol’ Black women give up her seat on a bus, these are the wimps n’ weasels who demanded my grand father ” don’t look me in the eye boy!” – yes here is the “true colors” of White folks, here is the blind-hatred we all know exsist

  • Guest

    Why is Buddha angry? Hahahaha

  • Bsjit2

    Solid use of big words but it doesn’t convince me that the ability to convey one’s thoughts eloquently and clearly is useless. If you’d like to say “Uh, well uh, yea good things be good” then do so. That doesn’t mean you’re eloquent or intelligent. But sure, “yo words be understood.” Well done.

  • Mac-A-Dosha1

    No that’s every race in America, u have to look at your own people before u try to judge another, everyone is in the same boat these days they just try to make it like only the African community is suffering

  • Kwame Senegal

    We are talking about the same thing here. I agree that talking eloquently is very important and no one can ever gainsay that. My analysis was not what language is or is not important, but just about language variance and the choice for standard variety. We are talking about the same thing; only we have different focus. Everywhere (not just in the US), speaking the standard language comes with many privileges and benefits. However, linguistically (that was my very point), standards and non-standards have the same value and play the same (primary) social function. But non-standards do not guarantee these same benefits or privileges, especially as far as employment is concerned. You be good.

  • Rodney Ray

    Oh you’re a racist alright. The most racist black people seek out white wives. Makes them feel in control over the white man and is your simple minded way of getting back at whitey for slavery. Racism exists, always has and always will. The problem I have with it is, why do blacks always say they aren’t racist and blame it all on whitey? Why don’t you blacks have the balls to admit you are just as racist, if not more racist, than any other race? I find it amazing the number of blacks who come into the forums throwing the race card around, but astonishingly, not one of them are racist themselves, lmao.

  • Jonathan Lee

    Bro, Vince Young doesn’t have a job because he isn’t a very good NFL quarterback.

  • diannna

    I could care less about Lil Wayne or this athlete. I’m just making a point that these so called ghetto people are making millions, more than you’ll ever see and won’t see since you’re envious and it probably pisses you off lol

    Newsflash if you were rich you wouldn’t be wasting your time replying to comments. I am not rich and don’t claim to be but I know you are not all that what you’re claiming to be, that’s for damn sure.
    you’re by the way not your