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Monday, June 25, 2018

Alabama ‘Roll Tide’ license plates have the prefix CAM on them (Picture)

Now that’s what we call irony. Of all the possible three-letter combinations in the alphabet, this is what Alabama’s state Motor Vehicles Division came up with. There’s very little you could say to convince me that this isn’t some sort of sick practical joke. Alabama fans probably hate Cam Newton more than any athlete in the history of the Auburn program.

There are 1,000 of these custom “Roll Tide Roll” vanity license plates being distributed, and something tells me at least a few of those 1,000 people will be turning them in almost immediately. If you’re a big enough Tide fan to get a “Roll Tide” license plate, you’re a big enough Tide fan to return a “Roll Tide” license plate that says “CAM” on it.

Picture via Will Collier on Twitter
H/T Eye on College Football

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