Ohio State’s Cardale Jones thinks it’s dumb that football players have to go to class

There are quite a few games remaining in the college football season, but I’m confident Ohio State freshman quarterback Cardale Jones has already locked up the award for most idiotic tweet of the year. Many students in college don’t like going to class. Some classes, particularly the general education ones everyone has to take freshman year, can be quite boring. But that is all part of the college experience.

According to Jones, it’s unfair that football players have to go through it. After all, they were given a scholarship to play football, not to learn.

Shockingly, Jones’ Twitter account has already been deleted. Fortunately for us the damage was captured on Reddit and has been preserved for the entire world to see. Had we missed out on hearing this brilliant thought from the OSU freshman, it would have been another boring Friday.

H/T Lost Lettermen

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  • JamesT32

    Incredibly stupid public admission, but hey, I imagine the people who know him best are well aware that he’s a complete moron and simply accept him for who and what he is.

  • Gene

    He should have gone directly from high school to the NFL.  He obviously is not taking advantage of a free ride in college to get an education to prepare him for a career  in case he cannot make the NFL.

  • JamesT32

    Sorry guy, but not only are you quite unnecessarily stating the very obvious but there’s no such thing as high school to the pros in football. An individual has to be three years removed from his high school graduating class before being eligible to play in the NFL. I’d also point out to you that the essence of this story surrounds the idiocy of saying such a thing PUBLICLY on Twitter as much or more than it does the fact that he couldn’t care less about school.