Charlie Weis: Pete Carroll’s Living with a USC Graduate Student in Malibu

Charlie Weis may have been fired by Notre Dame but he’s not going down quietly. In the first part of a lengthy interview with Irish Illustrated, Weis blew the lid off a Pete Carroll affair with a graduate student. Check out this parting shot from Weis when talking about the difference in media coverage between him and Carroll, as passed along by LBS contributor Botros:

Let me ask you this question: You guys know about things that go on in different places. Was I living with a grad student in Malibu, or was I living with my wife in my house? You could bet that if I were living with a grad student here in South Bend, it would be national news. He’s doing it in Malibu and it’s not national news. What’s the difference? I don’t understand. Why is it okay for one guy to do things like that, but for me, I’m scrutinized when I swear. I’m sorry for swearing; absolve my sins.

Well my friend, you may have broken some sort of unspoken “man codes,” but now you have the national media talking about this. Putting aside any questions about the ethics of dating a student, Carroll is a married man. If he’s having an affair and living with a graduate student, then we’re looking at another Rick Pitino story minus the extortion. Having a story like this get out in the media could be damaging for Pete in recruiting; some parents might not want to send their son to play for a known adulterer, particularly mothers or single mothers. Carroll, as you would have expected, has already denied Weis’ allegations: “It’s untrue, it’s irresponsible, and it’s incredible he’d be talking about me like that.” If it’s so untrue, then where the heck is Weis getting his information? I’m guessing there has to be at least some truth to the story, partial truths at the least. Combine USC’s season with this story and the heat certainly has been turned up on the USC program.

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  • JS

    Whoever that co-ed may be, she must be really jealous of Pete’s man-crush on Matt Barkley. Give about 10 of Barkley’s incompletions yesterday to Allen Bradford for carries and USC may have won that game yesterday.

  • SpinMax

    He’s not gonna say that unless he knows.

    So uh by the way when is USC going to forfeit all of those games including a national title because of a certain
    ineligible player named Bush?

  • jeff J

    Weis is just trying to find a way to deflect the fact that he is a horrible coach who was fired for many horrible years coaching at a once top quality football institution. I find it pretty sad he does this by throwing Pete Carroll under the bus. Weis is just jealous he is too fat and ugly to get a hot little coed to even talk to him.