Halo above Joe Paterno’s head removed from mural (Picture)

The artist who painted a mural of Joe Paterno on Heister Street in State College, Pa., decided to remove the halo that sat above the former Penn State football coach’s head, according to Onward State.

“Sadly, today is one of the hardest things that I’ve done,” artist Michael Pilato told passerbys on Saturday, Onward State reports. “I had to…I got rid of his halo.”

The halo was added after the coach’s death earlier this year.

“The reason I put halos on people is, when they pass away, it kind of reminds us that we have a short time here on Earth,” Pilato said.

Pilato and co-worker Yuriy Karabash decided the halo no longer fit.

A blue ribbon, which symbolizes support for child abuse victims, remains on Paterno’s jacket in the mural.

Many people have objected to former university president Graham Spanier’s presence on the mural. The Freeh report concluded that Spanier, former athletic director Tim Curley, former vice president Gary Schultz, and Joe Paterno, all worked to conceal the child sex abuse by Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky’s image was painted over in the mural last November after the Grand Jury’s findings were publicized.

Now that the halo has been removed from the mural, finally removing this from campus would be the next logical step for Penn State.

Below is a video of Pilato explaining why he got rid of the halo:

Here is what the mural looked like before:

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  • RevSpinnaker

    Lose the blue ribbon on his lapel too. It smacks of criminal hypocrisy.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NMKTTZ6PD4KL5K3T5LL3V3SONE Matt

    They should’ve added horns

  • treydub

    Rest In Piss you child molester

  • treydub

    That entire school should be torn down. Pure evil, the whole institution & town. What goes on in the dark shall always come to light. F-ck Penn State football. I would say the same about USC if they were preying on young kids as well. Mike McQueary who should hailed as a hero actually recieved death threats because he didn’t  keep what he knew a secret, apparently like Paterno.

  • Pattyann112

    Mike McQureary should be indicted also.  He saw the rape and didn’t go to the police.  Why isn’t he in jail also and his name tainted.  My son is a Penn State grad and I am proud of it.  Also, Mrs. Sandusky lied on the stand.  She had to hear and know what was going on.  Sandusky should be put in with the other inmates to see what he caused those young boys.  May he rot in jail for the rest of his life.

  • wrapitup3

    A hero my ass – he is just as guilty because he didn’t go to the police when his boss didn’t do anything about it.  Even worse he knew there was a boy in the shower with that sick bastard and he heard skin slapping – like they were having sex and he did NOT  go in and STOP IT  like a decent person would!!!  In fact he only testified on the condition that he would not be charged with any crime. 

  • Ceadderman

     Paterno didn’t molest anyone you ignominious twit! He did what he was SUPPOSED to do and reported Sandusky. He couldn’t fire Sandusky without cause/proof. So take your sorry ass to the Rectalcranialogist and have him pull your head out of it.

  • Ceadderman

     Paterno reported Sandusky. Don’t know what axe you have to grind with Joe Pa but it’s nothing to do with this that’s for certain. It was reported to Joe Pa, Joe Pa reported it to the Dean. The Dean was supposed to have handled it from there. Paterno can’t fire or suspend a Coach based on a reported incident. It has to go through the same process as though YOU were under suspicion of a crime. Can your job fire you without cause if someone reports you? I highly doubt it. In fact I would have to say that you’d threaten to sue over it.

    People seriously need to take a step back and consider all the issues surrounding this. Joe Paterno did what he was supposed to do. Sandusky was only found guilty AFTER the man was fired from Penn State University and Passed Away mere weeks after losing his job.

    I’m not even a Penn State fan, so take this for what it’s worth when I say that anyone who wishes ill on Joe Paterno’s eternal soul, I hope the same happens to your soul when you kick the bucket. Saint Pete will be up there taking the roster and what comes round goes round. It’s not for you to judge a man’s soul after he shuffles off this mortal coil. Paterno did what he was supposed to do based on information he received second hand. He wasn’t there, he didn’t witness anything. It was reported to him and he reported the incident to the Dean. But I guess Joe Pa shoulda just went Punisher on Sandusky and removed him from this earth. Right?

  • Ceadderman

     Paterno REPORTED it to the Dean. What the hell was he supposed to do? That’s what was required. Paterno would have had to actually WITNESS the act(s) in order to report it to the police. Had he not done so he could lose his job for filing a false report if it were found that Sandusky did nothing wrong.

    It’s a serious issue regardless of what happened. If you report an innocent man, you risk messing up his life. If you don’t report a guilty man he continues to prey on children.

    But the one thing that remains a factor here is everyone is Innocent until proven guilty. Joe Paterno did report it, as is required. He didn’t just take the report and sit on it. That’s the biggest fallacy of this story. He did what he was supposed to do. People are slandering the man’s name for no reason at all. He freakin reported it. Short of going home getting a gun and turning Sandusky into a hen with one shot what the hell else was he supposed to do?

    If you think you would have done more, you’re talkin out your ass.

  • treydub

    F-ck Joe Pa’s sorry ass enabling soul. Its been going on for years. Thank god that evil man will not be immortalized as a hero, even if the light didn’t shine until after his worthless as succumbbed. You can probably relate to this as sandusky situation I’m sure. Maybe Joe didn’t know, & maybe OJ Simpson & Robert Blake actually did kill their wives, even though it could never be proven. Maybe the catholic priest didn’t actually molest all those kids. The bottom line is I hope your not naive to think that the most powerful man on that campus, the captain of the ship, didn’t know that little boys were being raped in his own locker room for years. Where theres smoke theres fire. You call Paternos little weak-@ss reporting & brushing under the rug responsible leadership? You’re a clown buddy. I wonder if you would be saying Joe did what he was supposed to do if it was YOUR innocent KIDS being sodomized, or if you were the kid it happen too? If you even have any kids, or you probably feel different from myself & others and feel there was never a crime committed in the first place.

  • treydub

    I apologize if the thrust of my remark was to harsh in the previous comment. I was just fired up. & a mans legacy shouldn’t be judged by another mans actions. & I know Joe was elderly with a million different things on his plate & he doesn’t have time to know what all his delegates are doing. Who knows what was going through old Joe’s head. I would feel terribly sorry for him if  he didn’t have anything to do with it. To go through what he just went through is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  Im jus sayin

  • Average__Joseph

    You are right Ceadderman, Joe Paterno didn’t molest anyone, but he allowd it to happen over and oaver and over and over and over and over…for 14 years.  Stop trying to defend the indenfesible

  • Average__Joseph

    Have you even read the “Freeh Report?”  These three paragraphs say it all:

    Our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims by the most senior leaders at Penn State. The most powerful men at Penn State failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who Sandusky victimized.
    Messrs. Spanier, Schultz, Paterno and Curley never demonstrated, through actions or words, any concern for the safety and well-being of Sandusky’s victims until after Sandusky’s arrest.
    In critical written correspondence that we uncovered on March 20th of this year, we see evidence of their proposed plan of action in February 2001 that included reporting allegations about Sandusky to the authorities. After Mr. Curley consulted with Mr. Paterno, however, they changed the plan and decided not to make a report to the authorities.

    Very damning from an independent committee.  Let that last sentence sink in and then explain again that Joe Paterno reported it to the dean.

    And anyone who follows history knows it is not the crime that takes someone down it is the cover-up.  And this was a 14 year cover-up.

  • Ceadderman

     Stick to the topic you jizz swilling dooshbag.

    I don’t stand up for ChoMos’.

    You don’t know me well enough to make any inference as to what I would or would not do if those were my kids. I’m going off the information that I have on hand rather than be a knee jerk reactionary. Paterno was the most powerful man on Campus? Yeah maybe so, but that doesn’t mean that he knew what was going on.

    The fact is that Paterno handled it responsibly when it was reported to him by McCreary I believe it was. Paterno took it to the Dean who told him that it would be dealt with. If anyone failed it was the Dean, not Paterno. Funny how you little whiny turds seem to think that Paterno should have taken on more responsibility than this. Like what? He doesn’t have any proof (according to what we KNOW not what we SUPPOSE) that Sandusky did anything wrong. So what would you have liked him to do in this situation? Have the Dean fire Sandusky prior to being charged and eventually convicted? And if Sandusky is INNOCENT at the time? That’s real bright, expose Penn State to a huge lawsuit for Slander etc.

    There was no need to get personal with me just cause you don’t like the facts. The facts are this…

    1) Paterno only had a report to go on.
    2) He sent it up to the Athletic Director and the Dean.
    3) No charges were pending after that for 2 years.
    4) Pa may be the “most powerful” but he’s not God nor all knowing.
    5) Joe Paterno was fired and DIED before the facts were brought fourth in court.

    Shame on you and anyone who thinks he should have overstepped his responsibility based an ACCUSATION. Do you know the difference between an accusation and a fact? Ever had someone wrongly accuse you for anything? I have an it’s not fun. So til you wear the other man’s moccasin’s you shouldn’t open your fat windbag and yap away about something you don’t know $hit about.

    I hope Sandusky is put in General Population so he can get ground and pounded silly with whatever instruments they have at their disposal. That doesn’t mean that Paterno should have taken any more action than what was required. Cause that $hit sticks with you if you’re innocent. Imagine if Sandusky was innocent which Paterno had no way of knowing. You can say Paterno had to know all you want, but the fact is you DON’T know and he’s deceased now so you’ll NEVER know.


  • Ceadderman

     1st of all the Freeh report lumps everybody together regardless of the part they played in this issue. Right? I don’t see anything SPECIFICALLY suggesting that Paterno didn’t wish to take action.

    I did see that Curley CONSULTED with Paterno. Paterno is dead so it’s not like we can take this as “Paterno talked Curley out of proceeding  with filing charges”, now can we? But this is how you’re reading between the lines. I read it as Paterno was told by Curley that the school wasn’t going to file charges citing lack of proof as his main concern which would have put the school squarely into lawsuit territory.

    Yeah you can read it between the lines that Joe Paterno was a criminal mastermind in this issue. But I doubt that was any bit of the case. I don’t care what Freeh’s report says it’s not clear as to who knew what and when and who told whom what actions were or were not going to be taken. I seriously doubt that Paterno would have even reported the accusation to the brass if he didn’t want Sandusky to be charged. All he would have done was roundfile the accusation and that would have been that. Right?

    Sorry but I think the Freeh report unconscionably uses Paterno’s name here. He’s dead. He cannot defend himself other than by his statement and actions prior to this report. I think that it’s rotten as hell that they would even include his name without going into specifics as to who played which part. The way this looks right now is that Paterno was some Machiavelli dooshbag who wouldn’t have stepped up when the accusation was reported. And we know this to be categorically false.

  • Average__Joseph

    No, sorry but you need to reread the part that says:

    “In critical written correspondence that we uncovered on March 20th of this year, we see evidence of their proposed plan of action in February 2001 that included reporting allegations about Sandusky to the authorities. After Mr. Curley consulted with Mr. Paterno, however, they changed the plan and decided not to make a report to the authorities.”

    “Critical written correspondence” is not hearsay.  And as far as your overzealous defense, I don’t recall Joe Paterno being referred to or made out to be a “Machiavelli dooshbag” but what I can read clearly is Joe knew, and Joe with others tried to cover it up.  Simple.   It was a completely independent investigation but I see your point – never let the truth cloud your thoughts.

    Enjoy the day and the world you live in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=682982655 Peter Hawkins

    As Joe Paterno was in the midst of denying any involvement in the Penn State scandal, it seems he was cutting himself a sweetheart deal worth millions. And now a debate rages over whether to remove his statue in front of Beaver Stadium. The statue is of Coach Paterno leading four heavily armored players into battle. Surely, Paterno was responsible for many achievements on the Penn State football battlefield, but now, thanks to this week’s independent investigation, we know some other things he was responsible for as well. Maybe, instead of taking down the statue, the trustees should simply add a group of young boys being trampled underfoot.- Peter Hawkins

  • restoreusmfg

    I think Joe Paterno belongs in the Hall of Shame – Not the Hall of Fame! He certainly does not deserve a statue and not taking it down really would really send the wrong message to the kids that PSU is trying to educate as well as to everyone else.I’m not sure about the NCAA death penalty for PSU football, but Joe Paterno was obviously not a good person.

    He may have been a football icon, but there are much more important priorities in life and stances that need to be taken. He had so many opportunities to do the right thing and be a standup guy, but didn’t. Instead he was an enabler to one of the worst kind of criminals.

    If they don’t take the statue down, then I would say that they don’t get it and that the NCAA would have to shut them down.

    I LOVE football, but anyone sticking up for Paterno has really got their priorities screwed up. And what the heck was Joe’s stance on or his real opinion regarding the sexual abuse of children?I was never a fan of PSU, but I was always under the impression that he ran a class program and so did many others. I feel bad for the kids that actually choose PSU over many other programs for that very reason. Wow were we wrong. I think the NCAA should allow any PSU player to transfer to another program this year, without having to sit out for a year.

    And most of all, I feel sorry for the people that were abused and their families. Thank goodness, some of them had the Courage to come forward! They’re the ones that showed courage versus a supposedly legendary coach, who either had no courage or a severely warped sense of right and wrong.

    And lastly, how about that district attorney, who somehow decided not to indict Sandusky and then went missing? How far reaching and evil is this mess?

  • Ceadderman

     Link? I’m not taking your word for it based on your say so. Sorry but if I don’t see the “memorandum/consultation” I’m not taking that as gospel.

    And again, as I noted, Paterno is not here to defend himself/his actions. Pretty easy to throw a dead man under the bus and imho it’s too easy in this instance.

  • Average__Joseph

    You don’t have to take my word on it.  The report gave their word.  You don’t have to believe anything but just because I cant see air doesn’t mean it is nonexistant.

    But the real question is since you didn’t see Sandusky actually rape or molest any of the 10+ children for the 52 counts over the 14 years does that mean that didn’t happen, and the grand jury and the prosecution and the witnesses and whatever solid and circumstantial evedence was presented is dubbious at best because you weren’t there?

    So maybe in your eyes, no of this ever really happened.  And it is just small minded haters of Penn State trying to bring down the program. 

    Upon thinking about it more, you’re probably right, it’s an Ohio State setup.

  • treydub

    Paterno had months to defend hisself before he passed. His silence & hiding tell me everything

  • treydub

    Paterno had months to defend hisself before he passed. His silence & hiding tell me everything

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Paterno knew something of a “sexual nature” happened and didn’t call immediately because he didn’t want to ruin peoples’ weekends. They decided NOT to report after talking with Paterno. He stopped the crimes from being reported to protect his football team. END OF STORY. Stop defending him or anyone else there.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He covered it up and allowed Sandusky to roam free. He could have stopped it but no, he wanted to protect his precious football program instead.

  • Ceadderman

     LINK! LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK! Damn what the frack is so hard to understand?!?

    If you don’t have the information to support your theory, claim, allegation or inferred instance then you’re talking out your ass.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Sexual nature is from grand jury. Paterno dissuading them from reporting came from an email. What more do you want? You’re denying facts here

  • Ceadderman

     Apparently you know frackall about how charges are brought forth against a Defendant.

    The “evidence” doesn’t have to be iron clad to submit in a Grand Jury hearing. Meaning that anything and everything pertaining to the charges being submitted before the court is fair game until the Judge rules on its merit.

     And an Email? Are you kidding me? So it’s okay to slander Paterno with an email in the press cause the man is dead?

    Kick rocks. You’re submitting an argument based on assumption and innuendo and NEITHER are proof of wrong doing.

    If you can’t link it then I have no choice but to question the validity of the “evidence”. That would happen if I sat in the jury box as well. A dead man cannot submit a defense for an email.

    How sad your life must be that you don’t understand simple ethics. You don’t know. You’re just taking the word of someone you don’t know as gospel. When they make it accessible by the public, I’ll be more open to the contents of the “report” but right now it’s not factual regardless of the issue.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Here’s your link, although you’re so far in denial of the truth I’m sure it won’t matter to you http://larrybrownsports.com/college-football/freeh-investigation-joe-paterno-jerry-sandusky-cover-up/146230

  • Ceadderman

     Are you serious? Would you or would you not be anxious where things stood in an investigation regarding one of your faculty members?

    “liability problems” Tells me that he still may not have known but if it was indeed going on it was not happening on Campus. Limiting Sandusky’s options.

    If anything I think the people that failed here were the local LEOs’. How long does this investigation need to be, to drop the hammer on a Child Molester anyway? The School can’t act on anything with a member of faculty without facts that support his dismissal. There are clear rules regarding the hiring and firing practices of every school in the Nation. If you don’t have clear evidence i.e. seen it with your own eyes, photos, taped evidence that shows beyond all doubt that this man was a Predator you can’t fire him if he’s performing to the level that was expected of him. It just doesn’t work up in a neat and tidy little bow the way you want it to.

    ” However, they found no evidence to indicate that Sandusky’s retirement was related to the 1998 police investigation”…

    This is mostly an opinion piece. Yeah there are some things that make you go hmmm… but the argument can go either way as to Paterno’s knowledge or involvment.

    I’m not saying that Paterno is pure as the driven snow but I seriously doubt a man who has children and Grandchildren would shield this kind of Predator for 14 years.You blame Paterno and the Board all you want but Law Enforcement should take the biggest hit in this case. Their failure to get his animal off the streets is on a grandiose scale.

    Funny how I’m arguing logic and rule of law and you’re arguing supposition based on evidence allowed in a Grand Jury. If this is really the evidence that it’s being touted to be then Sandusky will burn in hell. I really haven’t seen anything here that shows Paterno went out of his way to protect this animal.

  • treydub

    Paterno had months to defend hisself before he passed. His silence & hiding tell me everything

  • treydub

    Robert Blake got off with logic reasoning & rule of law. He had nothing to do with his wires murder, right?

  • Ceadderman

     Hiding I don’t see hiding. I see an investigation that the lawyers tell you not to speak about an ONGOING INVESTIGATION.

     And just so we’re clear here if McCreary DID see Sandusky “Anally raping a child” why the sam hell did he not beat the crap out of that dooshbag.

    I see that going on it would take every ounce of intestinal fortitude I could muster not to kill him with my bare hands.. WhyIf he felt compelled to inform anyone why the hell didn’t he call the cops.

    You can find fault with the board and Paterno after this is news. I find the fault where  the faults truly lay. McCreary had two options that he did not follow through with the moment he saw that. I woulda laid Sandusky out and called the cops. There would have been no middle man in this instance. It would have been Sandusky lookin like he was the main combatant in a mosh pit… well not so much a combatant rather than target.

    This is why I don’t lend much creedance to any report on this matter after the fact. If you see it and don’t step up then you’re just as guilty in my book.