Mark Titus Thought Ohio State Football Players’ Cars Were Sketchy

Former Ohio State basketball player Mark Titus, who writes an entertaining sports blog entitled “Club Trillion,” touched on the violations Ohio State’s football program committed in a blog post published Monday. If you recall, five Ohio State football players were punished in December for exchanging merchandise for tattoos. On top of the tattoo issues, and the cover-up and consistent lying by Jim Tressel, they’re being investigated for possible illegal arrangements with a car dealership. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor didn’t help matters when he was ticketed in different vehicles, each of which were registered to the dealership or someone who worked there.

Now, Titus says he always thought there was something up with Ohio State football players and their cars all along. Here’s a damning selection from his post:

While I don’t really know anything about the whole tattoo ordeal, I’m almost certain that there was something shady going on with the car dealer. In fact, as the news of the free tattoos and sold merchandise or whatever came out, I kept telling my family how funny it was that they were getting busted for tattoos and gold pants when I was pretty sure they had been getting serious discounts on cars for years. Again, I have no “inside information” and really only know what the general public knows. But it doesn’t exactly take top notch detective skills to figure this one out. Anyone who spent any time on Ohio State’s campus while I was there could tell you that there were an unusually high volume of brand new Dodge Chargers driving around on campus, and just about all of them had tinted windows and rims on the outside with Ohio State football players behind the wheel on the inside.
I’ll be shocked if the NCAA doesn’t find anything when they look into this car scandal, but again I feel like I need to stress that I’m only basing this viewpoint off of information that every OSU student from 2006-2010 should have (after all, the football players weren’t exactly discreet with their cars)

Anyone who is around a college campus can probably tell you the same thing about their athletes — most of them drive really nice cars that would be difficult to finance as a college student. There’s little doubt where they’re getting them from — it’s agents, alumni, and program hookups providing them for the most part. Many people may pretend like there’s nothing going on, but it’s possible not to notice something is up. Let’s just hope the lap dog, hear no evil see no evil Buckeyes fans don’t give Titus the Kirk Herbstreit treatment over that post.

Thanks to Andy Staples for passing along the link

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  • Anonymous

    Nothing new. Ive mentioned this before. Back in the mid 90s when I was at a small univ with a crummy bball program, one night brand new explorers, one white, one black pulled up to the dorm, each driven by a player. had personalized plates: dunkit and 3pnt.

  • Anonymous

    You have the advantage, Brown, you have seen the e-mails to and from Tress WITHOUT THE REDACTION unlike everyone else on the planet so you can actually make a judgment about Tress.

    You HAVE seen the e-mails without redaction haven’t you???????????????????????

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Jones/100000842247826 Bob Jones

    I think these comments are quite a bit different than those made by Herbstreit. Herbstreit did not spread rumors regarding the football team without any additional facts to substantiate those rumors. Herbstreit stated his opinion of Tressel’s admitted transgressions and what he thought of them. I have no problem with Herby as I think he has the best interests of OSU at heart. Titus not so much.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Rumors? Open your eyes Bob. You have to be in serious denial to not think stuff was going on. 

  • Anonymous

    how and when will the ncaa be able to get a handle on big universities big football and basketball programs and all the shadey deals that go on wiyh the players its impossible to much money to tempting for a player not to except a handout how do u walk away from it the player isnt commiting a crime  its been going on long before we were around and will be going on when were gone everyone loves a free steak dinner oh yea i will have dessert why your at it