NCAA selling Reggie Bush autographed photo from vacated game

Reggie Bush NCAA shop autograph

The NCAA found enough wrongdoing with Reggie Bush to essentially strip the former USC star running back of his Heisman Trophy, force the school to vacate wins, and put the program on probation, but they have no problem selling autographed merchandise from the disgraced player.

We included this item in Tuesday’s post on Jay Bilas’ amazing takedown of the NCAA, but we figured it deserved its own post so nobody missed this hypocritical act.

As LBS tipster Joel shared with us, the NCAA official store is selling a Reggie Bush autographed 8×10 photo of the former Trojans star running away from the Oklahoma Sooners during USC’s 55-19 win at the 2005 Orange Bowl. They’re charging nearly $180 for it.

After the NCAA concluded that Bush violated rules by accepting gifts from at least Dec. 2004 onward, they forced USC to vacate their last two wins in the 2004 season. Those two games were a Dec. 4 win over UCLA, and the shellacking of Oklahoma to punctuate an unbeaten season. The Trojans also vacated all their wins in a 12-1 season the next year. They were placed on probation for four years, received a two-year bowl ban, and lost 30 scholarships over three years because of Bush’s violations. Oh, and as a bonus, the NCAA told USC to disassociate itself with Bush.

So the NCAA will penalize a school and individual for violating rules and tell the university not to associate with the individual, but they have no problem profiting off that same player’s name, image, and autograph. That’s really sound logic, right there.

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  • JVW

    And of course, the product is now “discontinued.” It will be interesting to see if the NCAA actually addressed their hypocrisy, or if they simply hope that it is forgotten and everybody moves on.

  • Michael Coffey

    “Former USC Trojan” is in description! This is irrelevant to Manziel discussion. You may not like the rule you break…but…you still broke the rule, so you are by default a rules breaker and should be liable to suffer the consequences for YOUR actions. It’s not the rules fault you decided to break it, it is YOURS, and yours alone.

    The rule is the rule as it is today and as it was when Manziel allegedly disregarded it. The rule may be changed in the future but if he broke it now he should be held accountable now.
    Example: You got caught speeding doing 55 mph in a 45 mph zone. 6 months go by before your case is heard in court, you are found guilty and pay the fine. You find out a week later the speed limit had just been changed to 55 mph the week after court. Do you really think you’ll get a refund. No…you are responsible for the law as written when you broke it.
    So, love Manziel and his antics or not, IF he was in violation then the fullest extent of consequences are his to bear.
    Then and only then should the discussion of the fairness of the rule be discussed and possible changes be explored.
    DO NOT CHANGE THE RULES EVERYBODY HAS FOLLOWED JUST TO EXONERATE ONE! Change it after the penalties have been paid.
    It’s the ONLY fair thing for ALL those who played by the rules before.