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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ohio State LB Tyler Moeller Blasts Florida for Using Racial Slurs Throughout Game

Ohio State lost to Florida in the Gator Bowl Monday, and senior linebacker Tyler Moeller says the Gators players went overboard with their racial taunts during the game. Asked about the chippiness during the game, Moeller says the Florida players were classless on the field.

“I’ve never seen more people swing at our players and call us racial slurs,” Moeller said, according to Buckeyes writer Marcus Hartman. “I’ve never been called a cracker more in my life than I have today.”

Moeller’s teammate, Travis Howard, is a Miami native and attributed the taunts to typical Florida (the entire state, not school) trash talk. It may be common on the field in Florida, but that doesn’t make it cool.

A lot of people feel that racism only works one way, or that it’s only a concern if it’s happening to minorities. But the reality is white players are in the minority on the field, and it’s unsportsmanlike to use racial taunts towards them the same way it would be for a white player to call a black one by the n-word.

H/T Lance Zierlein

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