Ohio State LB Tyler Moeller Blasts Florida for Using Racial Slurs Throughout Game

Ohio State lost to Florida in the Gator Bowl Monday, and senior linebacker Tyler Moeller says the Gators players went overboard with their racial taunts during the game. Asked about the chippiness during the game, Moeller says the Florida players were classless on the field.

“I’ve never seen more people swing at our players and call us racial slurs,” Moeller said, according to Buckeyes writer Marcus Hartman. “I’ve never been called a cracker more in my life than I have today.”

Moeller’s teammate, Travis Howard, is a Miami native and attributed the taunts to typical Florida (the entire state, not school) trash talk. It may be common on the field in Florida, but that doesn’t make it cool.

A lot of people feel that racism only works one way, or that it’s only a concern if it’s happening to minorities. But the reality is white players are in the minority on the field, and it’s unsportsmanlike to use racial taunts towards them the same way it would be for a white player to call a black one by the n-word.

H/T Lance Zierlein

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  • http://twitter.com/UFAlum88 Stephen G. Kaufer

    Those classless players were all recruited by your new coach. They will soon be your team mates.

  • John C

    I agree they are classless … they should also be penalized for it the same way a white guy would be if it was the N word … make it unexceptable and nip it in the bud!

  • Steven Barger

    So that makes it right?  Geesh…

  • Chris Whoston

    Larry –

    Based on your article, you can’t possibly know the term Florida Cracker.  It is ignorant and insulting for you to compare “Crackers” to the the N-word.  I suppose some snowbirds will want to ban Cracker Barrels and force us all to use the term saltines, but let’s focus on “Florida Crackers” a term that clearly refers to a group of people.  I’ve never seen someone be offended by this and it is used by all races and is used in polite society.  About 1/3 of the people I went to high school with were Florida Crackers and proudly called themselves this.

    If you don’t believe me you should eat at the “Florida Cracker Cafe” (just south of Jacksonville) join the “Florida Cracker Cattle Association” hike the “Florida Cracker Trail” or enjoy the “Florida Cracker Oyster Festival.”  I don’t see any people demanding boycotts of those places for racism.

    You might look at the extremely racist remarks about african americans that articles like yours have prompted if you still want to pretend Cracker is the same as the N-word.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CTAIA237344X6R2N3D6WWF43PI M

    I played football in Ohio and at the time was the only black on my team in a confrence of predominatly of whites and was called the N Word during a game.  I brought it up to the ref and he told me to just get back to your huddle.  I don’t think anyone really knows how to deal with this.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Whoston-

    We are Midwesterners. We are not Flodida Crackers and while your argument may seem valid in your mind. We all know the context the word was used. Nice try.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Just because it’s become acceptable in your area doesn’t mean it’s not offensive to most of the country.

  • Anonymous

    What’s fascinating is that based on a quick survey of what little media reaction there is to this story, it is MOELLER getting grief for talking about it, not the racist Florida players. How have we as a society come to this? Meh. I see a story like this and know that each time it happens, a few more white people wake up.