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Monday, March 30, 2015

Orange Bowl Mascot Gets Run Over, Pretends to Puke in Trash Can (Video)

If you thought Clemson had it rough last night you should see what the Orange Bowl mascot had to go through. While West Virginia was piling up the points on their way to a 70-33 victory over the Tigers, the Orange Bowl mascot was taking a beating. On one particular play, a Mountaineer ran the poor guy over and practically slammed him into the stands. You think it doesn’t hurt just because he’s a big fat orange? Guess again. He ended up puking in the trash can after the collision. I don’t know if he was concussed or what, but it was pretty intense. Check out this brutal video:

And you thought the Auburn Eagle and the Phillie Fanatic got it bad those times? Here’s hoping the Orange has a full and speedy recovery.

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