Rice Band Spells Out ‘$EC’ as Shot at Texas A&M During Halftime Show

Something tells me Rice University has a problem with Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 to join the powerhouse SEC. Nothing is official just yet, but all signs point to the Aggies moving on in 2012. Naturally, money is the driving force behind the change. Why shouldn’t it be?  Perhaps it was all in good fun, but have a look at the shot Rice’s Marching Owl Band took at Texas A&M during halftime of their game with Texas on Saturday night:

I’ll admit it’s a pretty clever bit, but if I were Texas A&M, I wouldn’t be offended.  This isn’t like a player leaving his team in free agency to go to a huge rival.  Schools are supposed to bring in as much money as possible, and moving to the SEC will land Texas A&M more exposure which will lead to more money — even if they get smacked around for a while.

Chest bump to Dr. Saturday for the picture.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LFHZJGW4Y6KIH725OXU2FN6V3A Joel

    How many of the parents of the band members at this private university didn’t at least once leave an employer for one that paid a higher salary and benes package?

  • Anonymous

    I love it.  I have fond memories of playing against Rice (’89-’93).  The antics of the MOB (Marching Owl Band) and the Owl mascot were always a riot (sometimes literally).  Gig’em Aggies

  • http://twitter.com/RayZorback Ray Ellen

    Awe. Ri¢e. Aren’t you cute. Keep scraping together those pennies Rice. Maybe 1 day, you can play w/ the big boys in the $EC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1254392384 Josh Truax

    Seeing that this game was at Texas rather than Rice, I wonder how the home crowd reacted to this stunt?

  • Anonymous

    But one day a Rice grad will be your boss–keep scraping those pennies together to make your rent while the Rice grad laughs and laughs at you!

  • sdn1

    The home crowd died when we performed this show. As someone on the field for the performance, I couldn’t hear the beginning of our song after the joke because the applause was so loud. And, honestly, what our parents did is none of your business, and all of our shows are in good fun and NEVER that personal. Instead, we made Texas A&M taking the money (or, the equal distribution of wealth as opposed to The Longhorn Network > the rest of the Big XII, as some have pointed out today) and running with it. Here’s a link to the script: http://mob.rice.edu/history/scripts/201109030

  • http://twitter.com/Howdy_Girl Donna Morefield

    As an Aggie, most of us thought this was hilarious!

  • sdn1

    I hadn’t heard from any Aggies that they thought this was funny!! Score!

  • Anonymous

    Last time the MOB insulted the Aggies was at Rice Stadium. They got chased under the stands by the Corp and had to be taken away in food trucks for their safety. Rice issued an official on-field apology at the last game they played (for old times sake) in about 1994. I don’t care about the SEC stuff; but the little slam about being “smarter than an Aggie” did not sit too well with this Rice University neighbor who is an serious Aggie Mom and a serious Democrat (the slam associated Gov. Rick with A&M). As for the poster who thinks Rice alums will be the “boss” someday, just dream on child.