Do Not Talk About Greg LeMond’s Weenie

Alright, I’m not too hip to all that is cycling smear, but this is quite catchy.  Greg LeMond admitted to being sexually molested as a child, when he was testifying in Floyd Landis’ doping hearing.

He came, he said, to tell the truth testifying that he had shared the secret of the abuse with Landis, accused of doping in last year’s Tour de France, in a phone call last August. He did so, he said, in the hope that if Landis, too, had a secret to share that Landis would come clean.

Under oath, LeMond also disclosed that he’d received a call Wednesday night, the evening before he was to testify, from someone purporting to be his uncle who said, I’ll be there tomorrow and we can talk about how we used to hide your weenie.

Well, turns out the phone number appearing on LeMond’s cell phone belonged to Floyd Landis’ now former business manager.  So yes, this is considered as Floyd Landis’ party trying to bully the witness, LeMond.  And another detail — LeMond wore all black on Thursday, a stark contrast to the yellow tie he sported the other three days of the hearing.  Why you ask? 

The black, he told another reporter who repeated the quote to me, represents the end of any credibility Greg LeMond has left.

Well, Greg LeMond may say he has no credibility left.  I beg to differ.  If you ask me what the first thing I think of when I hear the name Greg LeMond, I think sexually molested kid famous cyclist.  End of story.

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  • Doubting GL

    Lets look at Lemond for a sec- I personally doubt GL’s claim of abuse. This alleged abuse occurred when GL was 13 and he supposedly doesn’t remember if it lasted three months or a year and three months, but he remembers when it ended? Sounds fishy to me. Seems to me that GL needed some pr, and since the doping accusations backfired (oh yeah, because he LIED), what could have been more perfect? I mean, look at it this way – it’s not politically correct to call bs on someone who is a supposed abuse survivor, so it’s the perfect platform to sway public opinion in your favor. I can just see GL’s PR idea – “I’ll play the sympathy card – tell them I’ve been abused – they’ll feel sorry for me and never doubt me again. They’ll forget all about how I stick my nose in everybody’s business and make false accusations because poor little Greg has been abused!”

    BS I say… for all of you who believe that GL had to drop the bomb because it was being dropped for him….none of this would have been made public if GL hadn’t been there in the first place. GL chose to have this “dirty little secret” exposed by INVOLVING HIMSELF in something that was none of his business. GL used Landis by finding a way to inject himself into one of the biggest stories to ever hit cycling. What better way is there to make sure you’ll never be forgotten???

    Oh yeah, let’s not forget the FACT that Lemond has lied about many other cyclists – claiming they’ve doped – to the point that he’s been threatened with legal action in order to shut him up.

    Enough said