FOX TV Loves Showing Brittany and Deanna Favre in the Stands

FOX TV, as they’re known to do, showed tons of shots of Brett Favre’s family in the stands of the Superdome. Since we’ve seen Favre’s wife many times before, there was no doubt that Deanna Favre was front-and-center. The question is who was the female sitting next to her? The resemblance between Deanna and the other woman was uncanny, sparking speculation that it had to be Brett Favre’s daughter, Brittany Favre. Here’s a picture of what must be either Brittany Favre or some other relative of Deanna’s (possibly her sister?) at the game:

Judging by a past picture of Brittany Favre (to the right), she must have changed quite a bit in the past five years if that’s her. I’ve read that she’s a student at College of Charleston but I can’t confirm anything except that Brittany Favre is the oldest child between Brett and Deanna. And she highly resembles her mother if that’s her. In case you’re wondering why Deanna’s covering her face in that shot, it’s because that was shown immediately after Favre took a big hit, getting his leg sandwiched between two defenders on the interception by Jonathan Vilma. I’m not sure why she cringed — doesn’t she know her husband’s Gumby incarnate?

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  • Dylan

    It was actually Deanna Farve’s sister Christie sitting next to her, not their daughter.

  • Zigadazu

    Deana = Freaking YOKO ONO!

    She broke up the Packers. She’s the big mouth pulling Favre’s strings and she ruined his career. It’s time for YOKO ONE and Favre to go back to the swamp and ride the tractor. I’m sick of both of them.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Tracey Stroh

    We sat right in front of her, the guy looking up @ the jumbo tron is my hubby, we talked with them and that is NOT is daughter, its Deanna’s sister!

  • Friend

    That is not Brittany, it’s Christie Ladner, Deanna’s younger sister. She works full time for Deanna and the Hope Foundation, and is as close to her as any sister could ever be.