These Boras Diaw Segway Pictures Are the Real Thing, Folks

Could you imagine a 6’8″ NBA player taking his dogs for a stroll in the park while riding a Segway?  That would have to be the result of a lost bet, right?  I’m afraid not.  Rumors were recently swirling that Charlotte Bobcats forward Boras Diaw rides a Segway to home games, but most people dismissed it as something Diaw does to get a rise out of people.  When David Arnott of the Bobcats blog Rufus on Fire caught Diaw out on a joy ride with his dogs, it became clear that Diaw is simply a Segway guy.  Here are the Boras Diaw Segway pictures, which were passed along by Ball Don’t Lie:

That, my friends, is a man who is comfortable in his own skin.

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  • Anonymous

    I dunno. If I were in a profession where at some point in my life I was sure to have foot problems and knee replacements, I’d do this rather than walk as much as I could.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I dunno, Boris Blart should be ashamed of himself. That’s manhood points taken away