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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dad inspires/embarrasses son with improvised speech from ‘Miracle’ to get him ready for job interview (Video)

YouTubeTo our beloved Matt,

This is just our way of wishing you the best of luck tomorrow and on all of your future adventures.

We love you!!

Herb Brooks would be proud, I guess? The father you see above did his best impersonation of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey coach (first done by Kurt Russell in the movie “Miracle”) to help inspire his son to land a job, and I’m guessing to get his butt off their couch and move the hell out. There’s nothing like comparing arguably the greatest sporting contest in history — which not only transcended the game of hockey but also worldwide politics — to an entry level copywriting gig. But, hey, to each his own. Mike Eruzione and Don Draper (clutch name drop, Dad) had to start somewhere. If this helped get our beloved Matt the position, more power to him.

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