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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lil Wayne: I was wasted when I said I slept with Chris Bosh’s wife

Lil Wayne Jimmy KimmelLil Wayne joined Jimmy Kimmel for an interview this week and explained his rocky relationship with the Miami Heat.

Weezy’s problems with the Heat date back to 2011 when the rapper complained that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade ignored him at games. Lil Wayne continued to attend the Heat’s games but, back in February, he claimed he was ejected from a Heat-Los Angeles Lakers game for cheering the purple and gold (the Heat disputed that claim). A week later, Lil Wayne was on stage at an event and blasted the NBA and the Heat. Oh yeah, he also said he f—ed Chris Bosh’s wife during that speech.

During his interview with Kimmel, Lil Tunechi said that LeBron sent his concern when Weezy was in the hospital after overdosing on purple drank. He also told Kimmel that the Heat did not ban him from attending their games, but he is staying away to avoid causing a scene.

As far as his claim that he messed around with Bosh’s wife, well, Weezy blamed that on the drugs.

“I was too turnt up that night,” Weezy stated bluntly. “I was too turnt up.”

For all you folks not hip to the street lingo, “turnt up” essentially means wasted or super f—ed up. In fact, the always reliable Urban Dictionary defines it as “thee act of getting drunk and high to thee highest degree.”

So, there you have it. Weezy says he was not banned from Heat games and that he was “too turnt up” when he blasted Bosh. But he never said it wasn’t true …

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