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Saturday, May 26, 2018

LSU T-Rex guy revealed – it’s student Caleb Bates

LSU fan Caleb BatesThe guy behind LSU’s greatest moment on Saturday in Tuscaloosa has been revealed.

In case you missed it, we posted a GIF of an LSU fan who celebrated the team’s second touchdown against Alabama by doing a hilarious T. Rex move. The move was amazing for so many reasons. I mean who the heck imitates a T. Rex? Where the heck did he get that great idea? And why were the faces he made so funny? Everything about it was awesome.

Then to top off all the greatness of the viral moment, the LSU fan was mashed up with a Jurassic Park scene to create a truly amazing GIF.

Well The Times Picayune shares that the person responsible for the next great movement on the internet — T-Rexing — is an electrical engineering student at LSU named Caleb Bates.

“I wasn’t drunk,” Bates told NOLA.com | Times-Picayune. “I don’t drink. I’m a pretty crazy guy, I guess. I’m nuts.”

“My mom sent me a picture of me being on TV… I like making people laugh, so I was thinking, Oh heck, what do I do?”

Bates says that he does something different whenever LSU scores, it just so happens that the cameras caught him when he was doing the best celebration of all.

T-Rexing, man. Can you feel the movement? My cousin said he’s going to make the T-Rex his new dance move. I might have to as well.

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