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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Warrior lacrosse company upset with Title IX, favoritism to softball over lacrosse

Warrior lacrosseWarrior, a sporting goods company specializing mostly in lacrosse (and hockey) apparel and equipment, came out firing on Thursday night after seeing softball televised on ESPN while lacrosse was on ESPN2.

Here is the tweet sent from the official Warrior account:

That’s pretty harsh.

A pool play game of the World Cup of Softball between Team USA and Canada was being televised on ESPN, while the USA-Canada lacrosse game at the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships was on ESPN2.

Just in case you got the wrong message here, Warrior wanted to clarify that it wasn’t an anti-softball thing so much as a Title IX problem.

Way to clear things up there, Warrior. We weren’t expecting a PC apology, anyway.

(Update: shortly after we published, they deleted the tweets)

You can take an anti-Title IX stance if you want — and I’m not sure why you would — but once you have a friend or family member get the opportunity to receive a free education at a school they otherwise would be unable to attend thanks to the benefits of Title IX, you’ll never have a bad thing to say about it again.

And, seriously, is lacrosse really that much more popular than softball? Doubtful.

Oh yeah, genius move by Warrior. If there are 375 women’s lacrosse teams in the NCAA, surely someone of them need apparel and equipment, right? Guess Warrior doesn’t want that business …

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