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Monday, April 23, 2018

Paul George wears atrocious leather outfit

Paul George leather outfit

Looks like Paul George is trying to give Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade a run for worst-dressed athlete in the league.

After his Indiana Pacers lost to the Chicago Bulls 89-77 on Monday night, George shared the above photo on his Instagram account. Yes, that’s George wearing a leather shirt, leather pants, gold-spiked shoes and a chain over his blank long sleeve undershirt. He’s tucked in at his waste and his boots.

I think all he needed was an eye patch to complete the look. Seriously though, that is just atrocious, Paul. Turrible, just turrible.

The best comment of all, though, came from a commenter on George’s Instagam, who wrote: “And you spend your money on that instead of condoms..?”

That zinger of course is a reference to this story.

We’re thinking he’d be much better off sticking to nude selfies.

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