Andrew Luck Reportedly Currently Leaning Towards Returning to Stanford, Not Draft

Andrew Luck is the consensus top NFL quarterback prospect in college football. The redshirt sophomore is expected to be the top overall pick in the draft if he elects to come out. Much like Matt Leinart in 2004, people expect the man who has led Stanford to an 11-1 season and Orange Bowl berth will come out of school. But what if he pulls a Leinart and returns? That scenario has been considered far less often, but it’s one proposed by Charlotte Observer columnist Scott Fowler.

In a blog post relayed by Pat Yasinskas, Fowler quotes a source who says Luck is currently leaning towards returning to school for his junior season. According to Fowler, “The source said he ‘knew’ Luck was leaning toward staying at this moment.”

“A lot can happen between now and Jan.15th,” said the source, referring to the date underclassmen must declare themselves eligible. “There will be a lot of conversations still to come. And whenever he goes pro, he will be a fantastic NFL quarterback. But this is a kid who truly enjoys college.”

A kid who truly enjoys college. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, Matt Leinart. I don’t know how accurate Fowler’s source is, and we don’t even know whether Luck’s current mindset matters, but the point is valid. Though many people are talking about which team will get Luck, there is no certainty that he even comes out. Remember, Luck is only a redshirt sophomore; he has two years of eligibility left and is no sure thing to leave school.

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  • Anonymous

    Yet another guy who’d pay 30million to go to college for a year

  • Gene

    Luck is not like Leinert in many ways. Leinert had graduated and stayed eligible by taking only a dance class. Luck wants to get his degree in engineering, so he would be a real student.

    I believe the uncertainty over the status of the new collective bargaining agreement, which if ever negotiated, will include a rookie salary cap, will reduce his earning power.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I meant it in the sense that everyone expects him to leave and be the number one pick but he might surprise people by staying in school.

  • Gene

    I understood that and was merely pointing out a few reasons to support your observation that he may well be back at Stanford.