Brandon Weeden throws incredibly dumb interception (GIF)

Brandon Weeden interceptionBrandon Weeden threw an incredibly dumb interception on Sunday to help ensure the Cleveland Browns lost to the Detroit Lions.

The Browns were down 24-17 with under five minutes left in the fourth quarter and had the ball in Detroit territory. Weeden was under pressure, but instead of just taking a sack or throwing the ball away, he inexplicably tried to do a backhand shovel pass about 15 yards to one of his receivers. Shockingly, it was intercepted to help ice the game for Detroit. Keep in mind that came on 1st and 10, not fourth down where that was their last chance or something. He didn’t have to make that play. He chose to.

Where’s Brian Hoyer when you need him?

GIF via @buzzfeedsports

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  • CalBM1

    Out played and out coached . Cut Weeden now and slow the bleeding. Cant read defense holds ball too long and lousey passer. When the browns came out in the 2 ed half they gave up without a fight. Weeden is not the leader of this team.The whole team was not ready for the second half.