Brett Favre Could Be Heading Back to the Super Bowl

We saw a storybook ending to Jerome Bettis’ career a few years ago. We knew he was retiring, we knew the Super Bowl was in his hometown of Detroit, but we didn’t think he’d be playing in it — much less winning it. Even more of a long shot entering the season though was the odds of Brett Favre having a great season and playing in February. Though I defended Favre’s ability a few years ago when people said he needed to retire, I never would have thought the guy had a shot at the Super Bowl. Never. And that’s what makes the NFL so great, not to mention crazy.

So how about that? How insane is it that this old, graybeard 38-year-old is still tearing up defenses and throwing TD passes and on the verge of a birth to the Super Bowl? How insane is it that the NFL is all of a sudden falling back in love with the same guy who was an MVP and hero in the league more than a decade ago? Guys like Tim Couch who was a top pick in the draft not too long ago can’t even find work, yet here he Favre is like 15 years later still playing — and balling it up at that. I just know this much: after Sunday, either Eli Manning or Brett Favre will heading to the Super Bowl. That scenario absolutely blows my mind. Can you believe that Brett Favre is thisclose to playing in another Super Bowl? I can’t. That’s crazy. And too bad the Pats are just gonna beat his Pack and he’ll wind up returning for a downer year in ’08. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

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  • http://danpatrick.bloggingolbermann.com/ Hawaii

    “How insane is it that this old, graybeard 38-year-old is still tearing up defenses and throwing TD passes and on the verge of a birth to the Super Bowl?”

    Nowadays when I read stuff like that I immediately think “performance enhancing drugs”. The Mitchell Report ruined things like this for me.

  • http://www.educatedbet.com/blog/ Educated Bet

    Brett Favre is leaning toward returning for another season with the Green Bay Packers, according to comments he made to his hometown newspaper.

    Farve is not going into his divisional playoff game on Saturday looking at it as his last one in Green Bay. He wants to return in the 08 season and play another year. Farve said that this is the first time in the past three years that he has not thought about this being his final game of his career. Both of his daughters don’t want there 75 year old father to retire, so that could be one reason that he wants to come back. A little side note before I continue, I have never seen a picture of Bretts daughters just his super hot wife and if his daughters look anything like there mother I am sure they are hot or they soon will be hot. Just keep that in mind. In this his 17th season with the team Farve led the Packers to a 13-3 record, threw 28 touchdowns, and passed for over 4,000 yards. This season he had his best passer rating of 95.7, in the past 11 years. His careers numbers are some of the best ever. For his career he has 442 TD passes, 61,655 passing yards and 5,377 pass completions. Some of these numbers are the best ever. This year he passed Dan Marino in all-time touchdown passes and passing yards, and he still has his consecutive game streak is at, I am not sure but i think its at 957,000 consecutive games. So he is closing in on the million game mark, he probably will not retire until then.

    By now I think that you can see that I am not a Farve guy. While 95% of people love Farve I am getting sick and tired of every single annoucer blowing him on a nightly basis. Such as when he throws a touchdown pass on a 7 yard slant to Donald Driver to make the score 14-3 he jumps up and down and runs into the end zone and hoists up Driver. And the annoucer who ever it is(there all the same) says o my god look at his face he is smiling, he is like a big kid out there, what a great guy…But the annoucer is really thinking I cant wait to interview Brett after the game so I can hopefully give him the best blow j ever…(thats a quote from super bad in case you were wondering)

    You know what this is what I think, Brett you have been in the league for 17 years, your supposed to be a veteran, ACT LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE! The thing I dont understand is when Brett picks up any receiver everyone laughs hahahaha I LOVE BRETT, but if TO or Chad Johnson dances in the end zone its bad for the sport. Lets be real everyone loves when they dance and I think that everyone is starting to get a little sick of the big kid Brett Farve. And one more thing that really grinds my gears about Farve is after the season for the past 3 years, it is a big soap opera about whether or not he is going to retire. I understand its a big deal but please lets not carry it out until 2 weeks before training camp jerk! So Brett do us all a favor and move on, retire and let Aaron Rodgers take control of the Packers, but Brett your wife is hot and i assume your daughters are!

    Peace…Iron Mike

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    I love Brett Farve & am glad he & the Pack are on their way to the show, but the media still boosts him up too much. And the Pats are going to crush whoever they play. I truly believe Belechick hopes to make it a terrible Super Bowl Blowout ala San Fran’s destruction of teh Chargers back in the day.

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