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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Brett Favre rocking amazing gray beard

Brett Favre beard

What does Brett Favre look like these days? A guy who is loving retirement.

Favre is now 44 and he appeared on NFL Network’s pregame coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII. Boy, was it great to see his mug on TV again, breaking down the game, talking about his experiences and sharing stories.

The ‘Ol Gunslinger is a grandfather these days and looks like it. His hair is long and he’s grown out his beard, which has a ton of gray. He really looks like that rugged outdoorsman, just like the kind of character he portrays in his Wrangler jeans commercials.

Favre is pulling for the Seattle Seahawks because he’s so close with their offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, but he said he thinks the Denver Broncos are going to be tough to beat. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t get too carried away with his prediction; Favre admitted he finished last in his fantasy football league, so his predictions aren’t always the best.

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