Brian Westbrook Tackled by His Jockstrap in Ravens Game

I just can’t even imagine what the best caption for this photo would be. There’s the corny “Ravens sure have a good grip on things.” Maybe an “Eagles crack under pressure.” All I know is that there’s a bunch of good lines out there I’m just not creative enough to come up with. Maybe you are. Thanks to my boy Andy for passing it along, via the Uniwatch flickr stream. And boy, I thought Donovan had a bad game …

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  • Chris

    “Eagles squeezed out of contention in the NFC East.”

  • JimmyT


  • http://SI Michael

    Westbrook Wedgie

  • Henry

    Now that the Ravens have discovered the Eagles’ secret “Slingshot Strap” it looks like the Birds’ running game is in even more trouble.

  • Sean Stevenson

    Feeling excited about the upcoming Christmas season, the Ravens get an early start on their version of “The Nutcracker Suite”.

  • Gene

    This reminds me of an old fashioned game of flag football, where some smart ass tied a knot between his flags and his jockstrap.

  • Alfonso

    Brian Westbrook stretches for a first down.

  • J-Hern

    The all new NFL thong!.. … Not just for the ladies.

  • http://discgolforegon.com SCotTyCb1

    Eagles wings clipped by a hand on the old jock strap

  • MojoMan

    You think you got jock itch!

  • http://www.bmorebirdsnest.com NestMinder

    Hey, the Ravens basically gave the Eagles one big wedgies all afternoon, so this is a very fitting photo.

  • GaDawg

    15 yards for a Groin Horse Collar!

  • Annonymous

    Brian, please, I just want to see it.