Chris Culliver posted Instagram message that is offensive to women

Chris Culliver is proving that he did not learn much from his sensitivity training.

The San Francisco 49ers cornerback, who infamously made homophobic comments at the Super Bowl, was at it again on Wednesday night.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Culliver posted a screenshot of a text message exchange to his Instagram account Wednesday night. In the text message exchange, it appears that Culliver referred to a woman as a “bitch” and women as “hoes.”

Chris Culliver Instagram

The 49ers say they are aware of the issue.

“We are aware of the matter, and it is being handled internally,” GM Trent Baalke said, via NFL.com’s Around the League.

Culliver’s rep told Larry Brown Sports that the message exchange the cornerback posted was a misunderstanding and not Culliver’s words.

It’s bad enough to casually refer to women in those terms, but it’s even dumber to then proudly share the conversation on social media. It’s quite apparent that Culliver isn’t too bright. Given the way he played in the Super Bowl and the controversies he’s caused, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Niners let him go.

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  • John

    Does this kind of talk really surprise anyone?? Come on!


    typical of who he is.


    i think the 49’s let him go for grammar mistakes. not what he said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PissedoffinAZ Gail Tewalt

    What’s a dat? Oh, did you mean DATE? Dumb ass.

  • Need2Say

    He only insulted one-half of the 49ers fan base. I’m sure the women who don’t believe they are hoes or bit..es. How do the 49ers respond to the women.

  • Tom Williams

    What are women doing in SF anyway? All the men are gay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.keyes.5 Brian Keyes

    English please …Funny he can’t spell or talk.

  • djack thats right

    Obviously not the sharpest crayon in the box, lol.

  • Frankie

    What language is that?

  • Jai Dillon

    Ah, African America, a place where intelligence is shunned, and things like violence, idiocy, embraced. Another “famous” black man given the opportunity to show the world that African America is a worthless cesspool. Good job guy. Good job!

  • arcsinice

    I’m old enough to remember when football had little if any blacks. My, how they have destroyed the sport as they do everything else, but I digress………..

  • sick of it

    I agree what a moron

  • icebull

    You are actually a MORON!

  • icebull

    Next time you see a black football player who you believe has destroyed football, walk up and mention your racist thoughts to him. I would like to hear how players like Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Marcus, Allen, Franco Harris, and Barry Sanders destroyed football. Go ahead dumbass, Ill wait!

  • Deirdre Taylor

    Negative Sir. the respectable and educated black folks are not claiming this jackass. And since you claim to be so intelligent where is “African America”? I have never heard of it. I am sure some of your people want to shove your dumbass to the side and not claim you as one of theirs either.

  • DuDat

    Obviously, he needs to learn respect and civility. Shortening words is how EVERYONE tweets, WHITE, BLACK and all shades in between. Some comments really show the deep rooted RACISM in this country. Some time ago, a big white football player was accused of rape. Ah! the shame that white people bring to the game! Did you say that then? Of course not! Whenever there race involved, racists’ cannot resist the temptation!

  • DuDat

    Of course! When blacks were slaves, in chains, and property. WHAT GREAT COUNTRY, where FREEDOM to pursue happiness and opportunities was only for WHITES! AH, what great ” MORAL COMPASS” America was ! Is that what you mean? I am sure that is what you mean.

  • bigjk196177@yahoo.com

    Whatever happened to free speech ! I mean it shows his ignorance , but it is free speech ! And i support everybody`s right to it no matter how ignorant it may be !!!!!!

  • pactrick john

    It seems that everyone has gotten away from the meat of his comments. He was being very demeaning to women making you wonder what he would do or say if someone said that to his mother, sister, or grandmother. Do they let him talk like that around them. Then there is this other comment that he made which is only mentioned briefly. His comments are disgracing his family, his team, and his self. This not about race as everyone seems to be hinting at. It is about a man who has no respect for women and makes you wonder if that is the way he was brought up.

  • Son_of_the_Iron_Sheik

    The truly offensive thing about this is his command of the english language. I know stray cats who are more eloquent.

  • guitarlovinman

    this guy needs to learn to speak English before anything. I don’t know why any of this stuff would be offensive cause it don’t make any sense. This is a DIFFERENT language he’s speaking, that needs a translator. Learn to speak English…this is Amreica

  • Ariel parks

    you sound more ignorant than this cornerback….

  • deionte

    i typical negative blogger with no life ….get a real job or a hobby besides trying to jepardize a players career pathetic….

  • deionte

    i remember too as all yall whites in the locker room would screw eachother in the showers …my thnk the lord we came in to clear up the image & not let football become known as queerball, but i digress………….

  • deionte

    a typical negative reporter with nothing better to do in life that just blog negatively & try to ruin somebodys career…..

  • deionte

    its called a typo….you know when some times you type soomething and it always doesnt get spelled right…. dumb ass

  • Guest

    Hmm I think it’s more of a typo, he’s black he doesn’t know how to spell or talk right. Yep I made a racist comment, kiss my a$$ ;)

  • WhoCares00

    Hmm I think it’s more than a typo, he’s black he doesn’t talk or spell right. Yep I made a racist comment, kiss my a$$ ;)

  • Kracker

    I love you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002409160556 Scott Radford

    The only thing I understood was “lol”

  • wanatah2@hotmail.com

    what the hell did he say!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ford-Truck/100003735221640 Ford Truck

    This idiot doesn’t even speak English!!