Cris Carter cries after making it into Hall of Fame (Video)

Cris Carter cryingCris Carter had an emotional reaction when he was announced as one of the class of 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame members.

The former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver joined Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp, Larry Allen, and Bill Parcells, as well as senior nominees Curley Culp and Dave Robinson as the seven people who made it into Canton this year. Carter broke down while speaking as one of the players selected for enshrinement.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s the most amazing thing that’s happened to me,” said Carter. “People told me when I didn’t get in the first year, and when I didn’t get in the second year … they told me that it would still be awesome (when I finally did make it). They weren’t lying.

“The process is what it is. These players are unbelievable. To be in a class like this … to play against these guys, my contemporaries — it’s unreal. It’s unreal that you’re going to end your career in Canton. For me, I’m forever humble. If you look at my career and how it started, for me to end up here? This is the happiest day of my life.”

The speech was a nice moment from Carter and it truly shows how important an honor like this is for a player.

Though we have disliked Carter as a TV analyst, we always respected him as a player and felt that he was a Hall of Famer. And why was Carter so emotional as he reflected on his career? He was a fourth-round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in the supplemental draft, and he was a slow developer. He didn’t record his first 1,000-yard receiving season until his seventh season in the league. Once he did develop, he became a machine for the Vikings. Carter churned out eight-straight 1,000-yard seasons from 1993-2000, scoring 90 touchdowns in that span.

An eight-time Pro Bowler, Carter is ninth in career receiving yards (13,899), fourth in career receptions (1,101), and fourth in career receiving touchdowns (130). He was an extremely worthy inductee.

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  • SpinMax

    pure awesome

  • Plug66

    Carter was a “Late Developer” because of a cocaine problem, he has credited former Eagles Coach Buddy Ryan with waking him up to the talent he was wasting and turning him around!!!  Not the fastest receiver, he became a student of the game and with the TREMENDOUS HANDS he’d always had he became the Elite receiver that Vikings Fans (me among them) knew & loved!!!  Congratulations Mr. Carter an honor well deserved for a Man who knew he had to “Grow-up” and actually did something about it!!!  You are an inspiration and it was an honor to watch you play!
    What was it Ryan said, oh yes it was “All he does is catch touchdowns”!  As per usual, with Offensive Players, Ryan missed the mark.  Not only did you catch the TDs, you caught everything you could touch!  Hands like glue with a high football IQ, you not only belong in the Elite Company you are now a part of, you should have
    been there 2 years ago (& would have been if not for the limits for induction).  Again a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Oh, and by the way the emotion you showed was touching and shows your reverence for the Honor!  Something that shows fans how much you cared for a game we LOVE & wish every second we watch that we could play on that level.  A GREAT PLAYER, A FAN OF THE GAME, A COMPLETE MAN IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!!!