David Carr: Please Lose the Gloves

David Carr Gloves

Usually I’m not one to bash an athlete for their looks. Performance is one thing, but looks is another. Accessories however, are fair game. Take for instance Panthers quarterback, David Carr. He could just as easily suck without the gloves. Why look like the white Michael Jackson if it’s by choice? Not as if the gloves are actually helping — unless you’re telling me he’d threw eight picks instead of three per game.

Seriously, does anything look more ridiculous than a quarterback making a fashion statement — and sucking to boot? That’s like the kid who used to show up at little league with the fancy equipment. You all had one of those on your team. The kid wouldn’t share his $300 bat with anyone else, all the while going 0-for-4 without touching a ball. What’s the point? If you’re going to go all eccentric on me Carr, do us all a favor: complete a few passes.

Oh yeah, and it’s officially confirmed — the Texans did not stink because their line was horrible — it’s because Carr takes too many sacks. How else can you explain Matt Schaub’s success behind the same line in Houston, and Carr’s continual sack problems (hehe) in Carolina where Delhomme succeeded? It’s pretty clear that Carr was the problem in Houston, not vice versa.

(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

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  • SpinMax

    That’s one crazy superhero outfit

  • http://www.theloveofsports.com GMadness

    This guy is absolutely killing me!!

    As a diehard Panthers fan, I was excited to have him sign with us prior to the season.

    Now I can’t wait until he’s cut. I can’t believe he still pulls in a paycheck after his unbelievably weak performance this year. He’s single-handedly destroying this team by not getting the ball to Steve Smith.

    It’s a total and complete abomination. I can now see what the Texan fans were saying all along. Damn he’s terrible!!!

  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    LOL… I have seen the gloves before, but I still had to laugh out loud when I saw that picture. That just looks so goofy, I can’t take him seriously (not that his playing on the field suggests that anyone should be taking him seriously).

  • sam

    I live here in N.C and i am a big panther fan and i love them… but carr has to go!!

    just like Jake Dellhome needs to go!!

    We have some of the best recevers but the worst QB.

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