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Thursday, June 21, 2018

DeSean Jackson’s Brash Attitude Has No Boundaries

We covered some of the comments Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson made in his cover story for Sporting News Magazine over the weekend. To recap, Jackson said he was very happy with the decision to trade McNabb to Washington and that the team didn’t lose anything with McNabb gone. Donovan predictably took the high road, electing to let his play on the field do the talking. Well that’s only half of what Jackson said in the magazine. DeSean specifically criticized Donovan McNabb’s ability to throw short passes and he explained why he changed agents:

Watching game film from last season, Jackson says, “That won’t happen anymore,” when a short pass from Donovan McNabb — known for occasionally bringing too much heat — screams off the hands of a teammate.

The biggest thing I’ll say about [changing agents] is I wasn’t comfortable with my last agents. For the type of person and player I am and the things I do on the field, I don’t think they were making the best of my abilities on or off the field. It was nothing like I need a new contract so let’s go sign the best agent in the game. I just felt I needed to be treated and handled in a different way. My appearances, endorsements or any time I need anything — whatever it is, a flight — I can just call Drew and it’ll be taken care of. My last agents, I was kind of like their biggest client; they didn’t really know how to handle me as far as the things top athletes need.”

While it’s clear that DeSean has a good work ethic and a desire to win, he doesn’t filter offensive comments. I’m guessing he never said to McNabb’s face the criticism about short passes because Donovan specifically said that people only start talking once you’re gone. If that’s the case, then that’s poor form by DeSean. And how about that last comment by Jackson about the agents, that he was kind of their biggest client and they didn’t know what top athletes need. Not only is that disrespectful to guys like Jeff Saturday and James Farrior, both DeBartolo Sports clients who have been to more Pro Bowls than DeSean, but it sounds like a cheesy line Bob Sugar said when he was trying to steal a Jerry Maguire client. Seems like DeSean Jackson has more needs than your typical top athlete, and that’s fine. At least Jackson works hard and stays out of trouble. That’s much more than what we can say for several other players.

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