Detroit TV Station Rips Matt Millen in Bottom Line Scroll During Super Bowl

The first second I saw that NBC had hired Matt Millen to provide in-studio analysis for the NFL playoffs, I was outraged. I questioned NBC’s sanity in placing a man who failed so miserably at his job of player analysis — GM of the Detroit Lions — into an “expert” role on TV. Well, apparently the NBC affiliate in Detroit wasn’t going to let the NBC Network nor Millen have the last word. Check out the scroll at the bottom of the screen while Millen spoke, as shown by Sports by Brooks:

You know you’ve made a questionable hire if an analysts comments have to come with a warning label-type caveat. I still can’t believe NBC made that hire. What were they thinking?

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  • http://www.pointguardu.com/cats NICK

    LOL thats awesome!!!!

  • SpinMax

    Great stuff. When they decided to put him on the air many weeks ago I (and everyone) thought it a bad decision.
    Millen should have thought at the time it was better that he stay away from the limelight. He has enough$$$