Did Bridget Diss Tom By Not Naming the Kid Brady?

As I wrote over at FanHouse, apparently the kid has been named. And no, it’s not Jonathan Brady, as was originally reported. His name, pay attention to the initials, is John Edward Thomas Moynahan. William Van Landingham thinks the kid has a long name. So the Jet does not have Tom’s surname. Is that a slap in the face to Brady? Me thinks that could be the case — especially since he appears to be a concerned father and since he’ll most likely be providing tons of financial support.

Then again, it will be easier for the kid to grow up out of his father’s shadow. Somewhat. It’s not as if Moynahan’s a popular name — people will know who his parents are. Anyways, men, where are you here? Isn’t this pretty jacked up? Shouldn’t the kid at least have a hyphenated name or something? He’s got half Brady blood in him, doesn’t he? Isn’t Tom getting a raw deal in all this?

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  • http://s2nblog.wordpress.com Signal to Noise

    No. There’s really no obligation on her part to have used his last name.

  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    She didnt have to use his last name but that is standard practice to keep the male last name…but ill be willing to bet that this is payback for him leaving her while she was pregnant….

  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    A William Van Landingham reference… that is beautiful.