Golden Tate is a Late-Night Eater

Back in April, Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate told 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh that he wasn’t worried about making any headlines for the wrong reasons during his NFL career.  Here’s what he said:

Being at Notre Dame, you’re used to being under the microscope, so I’m used to having all eyes on me. Anything I do, anywhere I go.  My mother and my father taught me what’s right and what’s wrong, so I don’t think I have a problem making any tough decisions.”

The 21-year-old has quickly learned never to say never, and hopefully he’s also learned that he’s going to need to be less impulsive when he comes down with a bad case of the drunken munchies.  According to TMZ, Tate and a friend were given a “trespass warning” by police when they were discovered inside a closed Top Pot donut shop in Bellevue, Washington housing donuts.

The nice people at Top Pot chose not to press charges, which supposedly is a good part of the reason Tate didn’t end up in handcuffs.  I think someone needs to show the rookie some safer alternatives to making weight before training camp begins.  Tate might also want to consider kicking the owners of the store a few Seahawks tickets.

NFL Star Rookie in Shady Donut Shop Debacle [TMZ]
Report: Golden Tate avoids arrest in donut store incident [Pro Football Talk]

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  • JS

    The Seahawk players better know that Pete probably didn’t bring the USC fix-it lawyer with the clout in the LA DA’s office with him to Seattle.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I’m pretty sure all of us can relate. He should have just left behind a $20 to take care of it.