Greg Jennings: Green Bay Packers brainwashed me

Greg Jennings PackersMinnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings was asked to stop talking about his former team a little over a week ago. He lasted about four days, but the next time he brought up the Green Bay Packers it was to compliment Aaron Rodgers and (maybe?) attempt to bury the hatchet. However, the comments he made on Wednesday will probably annoy Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier once again.

In an interview with Paul Allen and Ben Leber on KFAN radio, Jennings spoke about the organizational differences between the Packers and Vikings.

“When I came over here, I was kind of brainwashed,” he said, via Pro Football Talk. “There’s no ‘kind of’ to it. Being over in Green Bay, you’re brainwashed to think anyone in the division is tiers below. And so coming over here I meet the people within the organization and I’m like, ‘Wow, these are really great people.’

‘It’s like everything that you know in Green Bay is like the best, the best, the best, the best, the best. And it’s like total brainwashing. And I think you don’t open your eyes to see what other teams have to offer unless you are in that position.”

Is that an insult? It’s kind of tough to tell. On one hand, the word “brainwash” — which Jennings used several times — typically has a negative connotation. It implies that people aren’t allowed to think for themselves. On the other hand, why shouldn’t the Packers preach greatness to their players given their franchise’s incredible history?

The brainwashing comments are probably connected to what Jennings said about Rodgers having a difficult time holding himself accountable. I don’t know if that is true about Rodgers, but we do know that Jennings is having a tough time moving past his old team. If he can’t learn to ignore questions about Green Bay, he should probably hold off on the interviews for a while.

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  • BinKee

    I guess us Packer fans were brainwashed into thinking Jennings was a team player.

  • Margaret Allen

    If the Packers could brainwash him, they should have brainwashed him to be a better player

  • NFL Madness

    Well if he was brainwashed, he better have the best season he ever had. Even with Ponder as his QB…LMAO what a joke. And to think I used the words class and great with this guy.

  • Gail M

    And now the Vikings have “brainwashed” him into thinking he’s gonna get a lot of good catches from Ponder. LOL!


    Maybe Jennings should stop listening to his loud mouth sister. Shut up and play the game. You will find out soon enough what kind of team you decided to play for. Just like Favre did. It’s just too bad that a great player like AP is going to waste away a fantastic career with the purple helmets. Just like Barry Sanders did with the Lions.

  • Topazinator

    This has to be true: His brain is now spotless. There’s nothing there.

  • 100255

    lions are going to roll over greenbay watch out arron rodgers suh is coming for you


    I’m sure that Rodgers will wear a cup because when Suh can’t sack Aaron, Suh will kick him below the belt. It’s easy to talk trash when you are at the bottom of the standings year after year after year.