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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jeff Reed Blames the Turf and Fans for Missed Kick Against Patriots

Go type the name “Jeff Reed” into a Google Image search and see what you find. The likely result will be hundreds of photos of one of the biggest tools in the NFL.  If you’re so inclined, you can thumb through the pictures of Reed posing in front of a mirror with no shirt on and his bleach blond blowout stinging your eyeballs.  I couldn’t be more pleased that the Steelers are reportedly considering cutting him, but on to the point.

Reed has made only 68.2 percent of his field goals this season.  He missed his seventh field goal of the season on Sunday night against the Patriots — a measly 26-yarder.  Kickers pretty much have one responsibility and that’s to make field goals.  If you can’t do it, expect the fans to either ride you until you can or run you out of town.  It’s that simple.  Looks like the latter is going to be the case for Reed.

Dressed in a “haters hate” t-shirt, Reed spoke to the media after Sunday night’s game and essentially blamed the missed chip shot on the turf at Heinz Field and the fans being too hard on him.  Jersey Jeff pretty much gave the standard “the field is in bad shape” excuse for that section of his sob-fest, but it’s what he said about the fans that was truly entertaining.

If you’re not perfect in this city, man, then you’re going to hear about it, and it’s been like that for nine years, and why would they stop now? But like I said, there’s 95 percent of those fans that got my back totally, and that five percent you always hear. They’re right by the kicking net, they’re bashing me, but you know, that’s life, man, you’ve got to move on, and the worst thing for me to do would be to fight back at them.  They started before the game even started.  You know, like I said, they buy tickets just to bash me.

Yes, Jeff, the Rooneys should thank you for selling tickets because you suck and can’t make a field goal.  What Reed is trying to say here is “when I’m great I’m kind of a big deal and when I suck I’m still kind of a big deal.”  Looks like the haters have spoken.  If my name were Jeff Reed I’d already have my bags packed.

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