Jets hit Drew Brees too hard, get roughing the passer penalty (GIF)

josh-bush-drew-breesIt’s calls like these that lead people to say the NFL has gone too soft … or that they are totally biased towards star quarterbacks.

The New York Jets were called for a highly questionable roughing the passer penalty in the fourth quarter of their game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. They were up 26-17 and New Orleans had a 3rd-and-6 at the Saints 40. Drew Brees went back to pass decided to try dumping the ball off to Jimmy Graham as he was under pressure. Safety Josh Bush just drilled Brees as the quarterback was throwing the ball, but he got called for a roughing the passer penalty.

That looked like a clean hit to me. I really would like to hear what about that play was too rough. Are you not allowed to hit the quarterback too hard or something?

GIF via @BuzzFeedSports

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  • Chris Haase

    If that was any of the less popular QB’s, nothing would’ve been called. It was a completely pathetic call. Bush’s hit was a clean, text book shot. He lowered his pads, his head to the side and drove through Bree’s waste/thighs.

    He didn’t hit his knees, he didn’t hit his head and Brees did not look hurt at all.