Joe Namath: Mark Sanchez is ‘sensational,’ better for the Jets than Tim Tebow

If you are a member of the Jets organization and Joe Namath has something nice to say about you, you must be pretty special. Over the past several years, Namath has done nothing but blast the Jets. Nobody really knows why. However, Broadway Joe had some very positive things to say about Mark Sanchez at a United Way function Tuesday night.

“Mark knows he’s a better quarterback (than Tim Tebow), and bring on the competition.” Namath said according to the NY Post. “Mark is sensational. He’s going to be much better.”

Namath added that he would be “tickled to death” if he was in Sanchez’s shoes and the team decided to trade for someone like Tebow. Of course, he couldn’t make his point without throwing in a plug for himself.

“(Sanchez is) going into his fourth year,” Namath said. “Golly, I remember a team that won a championship with a quarterback in his fourth year. Let’s hope that happens again.”

While Namath made it clear he believes Sanchez is a better option than Tebow, he backed off his criticism of the Jets for making the trade. A couple of months ago when the move was first made, he said it would be a major distraction for the organization. Now, Broadway Joe seems to have changed his tune — once again.

“The Jets have something up their sleeve,” he said. “At any rate, Tebow is a positive. In any way you add him to the organization, he’s a positive.”

Talk about a complete change of heart. Make up your mind, Joe — 68 is too young to be senile.

Photo credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE

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  • Gene

     Joe Namath knows something about QB competition.  When the Jets signed him out of Alabama, they also signed John Huarte of Notre Dame, the 1964 Heisman Trophy winner.  Needless to say, Broadway Joe beat out Huarte on the practice field.