Either Michael Vick loves eating Milk Bones, or he has a new dog

A photo Michael Vick shared via Twitter on Thursday has caused speculation that he and his family may have a new dog.

Vick tweeted a photo of himself and his daughter doing work at a table inside their home. Vick appeared to be studying film, while his daughter appeared to be doing homework. Eagle-eyed Adam Reigner of WIP in Philly noticed that in the top right part of the photo there was a box of open Milk Bones, which is a dog treat product.

According to Philly sports site Crossing Broad, Vick quickly deleted that photo and re-posted another one using the same words on his tweet, only the Milk Bone box was no longer in the shot:

As they say, the coverup is always worse than the crime.

I know there are a lot of people out there who would be outraged to find out that Vick, who went to prison for funding a dog fighting ring, owns a dog. I’m not one of them. I’ve felt for a while that Vick’s punishment was harsher than it should have been, and I think he learned his lesson. I’m guessing he and his family are providing a fine home for their pet (if they have one).

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  • JamesT32

    To each his own, really couldn’t care less whether or not Vick has a dog or dogs in his possession.  While not advocating animal abuse in any way, the fact that we live in a world where an inordinate amount of human beings don’t remotely know how to treat other human beings is actually a much more pressing issue and much more to the point.

  • David Thompson Jr.

    I’m Sure he didn’t get a dog for hisself. Prolly for the Kids…