Mike Golic, MDS Pass Albert Haynesworth’s Conditioning Test

On Saturday we posted a video of FOX 5 reporter Lindsay Murphy running the Albert Haynesworth conditioning test. Murphy beat Haynesworth’s time for the first 300 yard run but failed to complete the second shuttle run in the necessary time. As a result of the fuss over Haynesworth failing the test twice (and Murphy’s run), several other media members took the test as I learned via Hot Clicks. Two more media personalities took the test on Monday.

Our friend Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk and Fanhouse aced the test, running the first 300 yards in 69 seconds and the second in 68. The second personality was Mike Golic of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning. Golic did not touch the line each time he ran 25 yards like was supposed to and he still struggled. Golic was huffing and puffing and I don’t think he passed even though the video says otherwise. Here’s the Mike Golic conditioning test video from ESPN for you to decide:

The one difference between Golic taking the test and everyone else is that Mike is about the only one who is somewhat comparable to Haynesworth. Albert rolls at 6’5″ and like 330lbs. Golid is a former defensive lineman. It’s quite different to run 600 yards at 150-200 pounds and to do it when you weigh 300-plus. That might make Mike’s performance more impressive than the others, but I still give MDS credit for passing both parts.

Mike Golic Passes The Test [ESPN Video]
Am I Fitter Than Albert Haynesworth? [MDS/Fanhouse]

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  • johnny jihadist

    same & samer = lowest form of sportstalk radio that caters to the lowest form of fan, the non-hardcore casual yuppie watercooler schmuck…at least LB’s here to give them some extra publicity though!

  • Dustin Buckner

    Golic DID NOT pass the test and here is why:

    1. He DID NOT bend and touch the cone at each end of the shuttle.
    2. He pulled up and turned SHORT of the end no less that 5 times.
    3. The timer on the bottom left of the screen showed 2 seconds MORE that what was stated by Golic’s radio show partner.

    Haynesworth may be out of shape, but he is carrying more weight than anyone I have seen try it. At least he failed without LYING and saying he passed.